5 Landscape Construction Trends Shaping Sydney’s Outdoors

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Do you want to transform your outdoor landscape into something spectacular? Many landscapes constructed today are thoughtfully and creatively built for living, working and playing – bringing together both style and function for a sensational outdoor experience.

Design adds value faster than it adds costs” – Joel Spolsky 

Art and creativity are what makes our world a beautiful place to live in. Outdoor landscapes transform the way we live and enjoy life. Not only do they add value in terms of aesthetics and aromas, but they also offer tremendous benefits for people and the environment.

We are going to delve in some of our favourite landscape construction trends shaping Sydney’s outdoor areas. These can be used in both residential and commercial landscape construction.

  1. Experiential landscape design

    Commercial landscape construction designs – including offices are incorporating walking paths, bicycle paths and dining areas to enhance employees’ experience and improve their productivity. On the other hand, residential landscapes are incorporating designated areas for cooking, dining, relaxing and even working outdoors. Some featured trends include fully integrated outdoor lighting and audio/visual systems for a multisensory experience by both day and night.

    Landscape construction designs in Sydney are also incorporating key elements and experiences at the beginning of the entrance – with beautiful lawns, plants and other elements making a welcoming and lasting first impression.

  2. Water management, conservation and eco-friendly practices

    ‘Sustainability’ – a trend or buzzword that has been part of the industry for years. This is more than a trend and influences how landscapes are created and maintained for the future. Landscape construction sites in Sydney are integrating eco-friendly watering practices and other irrigation technology to help with water management and conservation.

    The Sydney landscape construction industry is also utilising the latest tools and eco-friendly innovations to reduce the harmful effects on the environment. Some of these tools include lawnmowers and leaf blowers which feature low or no emissions. The industry has also seen a rise in mobile apps, 3D modelling and drones as a part of both residential and commercial landscape planning.

  3. Rooftop balconies and gardens

    Rooftops have become a rising trend in both commercial and residential landscapes in Sydney. Offering a space for entertainment and relaxation, these architecturally designed areas are enhancing the way people live and work. With many people downsizing and moving into apartments, rooftops allow them to connect to nature and outdoors without having to go too far. Decorative screens have become very popular throughout Australian landscaping and are the perfect multi-purpose feature.

    As rooftops/balconies are usually limited with space, neutral colours for decking and walls are common – this creates the illusion of spaciousness and width. Timber decking is also a popular choice for rooftop areas, offering an earthy and minimalist look. Stone pavers are also extremely common and used extensively throughout rooftop balconies.

  4. Darker colour palettes

    Colour trends are not restricted for interiors only. From pavers to fencing, on-trend colour finishes to your outdoor space will ensure a fresh and modern aesthetic, lasting many years to come. Choosing the right colour theme will also help enhance other surrounding features and can even make your outdoor area feel larger than it is.

    A great way to enhance your outdoor space is by opting for darker colours including greys and charcoals – these tones have become very popular in recent years. Darker colour palettes add a sense of drama to your outdoor area. They also offer a great contrast with surrounding plants/trees. Deeper colour palettes also make it easier to colour coordinate with the furniture. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the number of colours/tones you choose as you don’t want an outdoor area that is overpowering.

  5. Outdoor heating

    Enjoy your outdoor area all year round with outdoor heating. Outdoor entertaining is a massive part of Australian culture. Throughout summer, autumn, winter and spring, Australians love to host parties, events and barbeques outdoors. This is where the need for outdoor heating has come about. Fire pits are a great way to heat an outdoor area, providing an enjoyable feature for the garden and a natural gathering spot for socialising. Fire pits are also a great design feature – creating a focal point where people are naturally drawn. If fire pits are not your thing, other options include gas patio heaters or radiant heaters that can be installed on the roof of your outdoor area.

Do you need a landscape construction expert in Sydney to help you transform your outdoor area? At Civil and Scape, our team of professionals are committed to excelling client expectations and providing superior service while maintaining a continued sense of pride for employees. Offering top-quality landscaping solutions and a high level of workmanship, our team ensures your needs are exceeded.

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3 Reasons Why Commercial Landscaping is Essential for Your Building

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Commercial landscaping services are much more than mowing the lawn and making the gardens look presentable. It is a multi-faceted landscaping service that includes planning, design, installation and maintenance – for both big and small companies. It involves commercial landscapers working together with clients from initial design stages through to long-term maintenance and planning.

Commercial landscapers do a lot more than you think – and we are here to explain just some of the tasks they carry out daily.

  • Commercial landscapers plan and install workplace frontages and facades that are inviting and pleasant
  • They provide seasonal/monthly maintenance services to ensure your outdoor area is in tip-top condition
  • Work with you to determine the needs of your business and implement what is going to look best

So, why do property owners, managers and developers use commercial landscaping services? Investing in a landscaping service will provide you with peace of mind knowing your outdoor space combines beauty and function – meeting all of your business’s unique needs. The last thing you want is unattractive landscaping. Poorly designed and maintained landscaping can give your customers a bad impression.

A clean, well-presented and uniquely designed landscape is not only pleasing to look at but can also attract clients and improve worker productivity. 

First impressions last. From the minute your customers visit your companies location, they are evaluating and making judgements of your values and professionalism – before they have even met you. The importance of visual appeal and aesthetics is becoming more important than ever before. Humans are visual creatures and tend to form first impressions very quickly. Hiring a commercial landscaping service can provide you with the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.


Do you need commercial landscaping services?

If you are unsure about whether or not you require landscaping services, we are here to clarify it for you. Many businesses/organisations can benefit from commercial landscaping services. Some of them include:

  • Office buildings – small and large
  • Retail stores
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools, colleges or universities
  • Houses of worship
  • Industrial Business
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Clubs and associations
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, resorts and other hospitality venues

A tastefully designed and well-maintained landscape leaves a positive impression on clients. So, how does this benefit a business? We reveal our top three reasons on how commercial landscaping services can benefit your business.

  1. Attracts and retains clients and employees

    Well designed and maintained landscape attracts new customers and retains current employees/customers. Effective commercial landscaping can leave a positive psychological effect on others. Creating an inviting and happy atmosphere is known to increase productivity levels and leave positive impressions on people. Nobody wants to work in a dull, uninviting and gloomy environment. Employees thrive off beautiful surroundings, outdoor break-areas and natural light. This is why companies should invest in making a unique impression where clients and employees can enjoy a relaxing break.

    Commercial landscaping is especially beneficial for apartment blocks hotels and hospitality venues as an attractive outer space can attract potential buyers and customers. A beautiful surrounding can easily lure customers in and change their initial perspective.

    Additionally, commercial landscaping will boost your reputation at a fraction of a cost! People love to be surrounding by visually appealing environments and tend to spend more money at places/businesses that are well-kept and designed.

  2. Saves time and money

    Hiring a professional landscaping company can help you save time, money and effort on trying to maintain and design the outdoor area yourself. Commercial landscaping services help take the load off you, so you can focus on what is more important. Yes, landscaping does require maintenance. However, with the help of a professional commercial landscaping service, you will not need to worry! From cultivating trees to spacing plants and cleaning up the area, landscaping services take control of your outdoor area from beginning through to the end.

  3. Professional advice and well-planned areas

    Do you want to transform your outdoor area into a striking, innovative and unique space? Professional landscaping services will help improve aspects of your design that you would have never thought of. They will be able to advise you on how large different trees and plants will be at maturity and how that will affect the size and scape of the design. Commercial landscaping services take a proactive approach to designing your outdoor area, identifying creative ways to enhance the space and provide optimal functionality.
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Here are some other reasons why you NEED commercial landscapers in your life:

  • They know which plants, shrubs or greenery require the most/least maintenance
  • They help select the right plants for your space, especially if you are looking for ones that serve a specific function
  • Help you stick to your budget and ensure you obtain the greatest value for money

Are you ready to transform your outdoor commercial space into an innovative environment? At Civil and Scape, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of landscape construction and maintenance which allows us to take a forward-thinking and unique approach.

We provide proactive and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome.

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