Why Do You Need a Stormwater Management Company?

stormwater management company

Stormwater management is an integral part of maintaining a healthy and natural hydrologic cycle and a clean and pollution-free urban area. Apartment complexes, commercial buildings and residential dwellings are all in need of stormwater management. However, if your business or residence is in Sydney, determining whether or not you are in need of a stormwater management company is dependent upon the ownership of your property. In this article, we’ll discuss how to determine if you need a stormwater management company and break down the importance of stormwater management. First, let’s dive into why stormwater management even exists and why we need it.

In order to prevent erosions, contamination and host of other issues, stormwater which is surface water runoff from rainfall, needs to be properly managed and maintained. This is especially true in urban areas. Undeveloped areas have large spans of vegetation with impervious surfaces, allowing for rainfall to be transpired and evaporated. However, when nature is replaced with roads, buildings and artificial surfaces, surface rainfall can become problematic.

Here are some of the issues that can arise if stormwater is not properly managed.

  • Soil erosion – In agricultural land, stormwater can erode the rich and valuable top layer of soil that farmers depend on for planting crops. This, in turn, produces an agricultural issue which can result in lowered supplies and increased cost of production.
  • Stream erosion – Excess stormwater can cause streams to break their banks and flood nearby farms and communities. A second issue that can arise is the excess water can cause streams to change their shape, disrupting the natural habitat of plants and animals and thus, causing an issue with diversity later on.
  • Urban flooding – Urban areas have developed over natural vegetation surfaces. These surfaces are permeable and allow for natural drainage and absorption of stormwater. However, pavements, buildings and roads have covered these up, creating the need for stormwater management. Without it, the water would have nowhere to go and would cause urban flooding.
  • Poor water quality – Stormwater can absorb pesticides, grease, chemicals and other non-natural pollutants that can then be carried and drained into nearby streams. This polluted water then causes the poisoning and death of the animals and vegetation that use the stream as their natural habitat.
  • Disturb the natural hydrologic cycle – The health of streams is key to maintaining a natural hydrologic cycle. Improper or the absence of stormwater management disrupts this because it reduces soil replenishment and groundwater recharge. The soil in streams is essential for sustaining vegetation and aquatic life.

Do I need stormwater management in Sydney?

The answer to this question is dependent on the location of your drain. If the drain is located on your residential or commercial property, then it is your responsibility. If it is located outside of your property, then it is the responsibility of the Sydney local councils.

Stormwater management on your property requires that you:

  • Install and maintain stormwater piping, pits and culverts
  • Manage all stormwater runoffs coming from your property, including possible pollutants

So, what do you look for in a stormwater management company?

Companies should have these basic requirements in order for you to consider them as your stormwater management company

  • Basic understanding of stormwater management, particularly in Sydney
  • Certification
  • Proper equipment

Are you in search of a stormwater management company for your commercial or residential property? At Civil and Scape, our team goes beyond the requirements of a stormwater management company. We will ensure that you get the best possible service and guidance.

If you’re in search of a stormwater management company then you’ll be glad to know that we also provide management of stormwater and the installation of pipes, pits and culverts.

Civil and Scape does not only have expert knowledge of stormwater management in Sydney but they are also certified and hold the proper equipment to ensure that your property does not endure any effects from improper stormwater management.

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How Can Commercial and Civil Concrete Work Help Your Design Project?

commercial and civil concrete work

Concrete work does not come to mind when you think about creating a beautifully designed project. However, concrete work is the foundation and process needed for many popular design elements, even in landscaping. At Civil and Scape, commercial and civil concrete work is one of the services that we offer as we understand the advantage of having a team of experts in this field in our line-up of resources. It opens up the possibilities of your designs and gives us the tools to perfectly execute what you want.

With civil jobs, we work with other companies and organisations to provide accessible and professionally executed jobs. Whether you have a commercial or civil project, expect our concrete work to reflect a high standard of workmanship and refined design. Whatever the job, it must be done right. Here are the qualities you can expect from our commercial and civil concrete work services.

  • Refinement – Our concrete work is always expertly constructed. Expect smooth edges and curves and meticulously completed details.
  • Professionalism – Every finished concrete job gives the entire project a professional and expert finish, updating any project instantly.
  • Functionality and accessibility – Concrete works allow for the construction of pathways making many projects functional and accessible for persons of varying abilities.


You can find concrete kerbs in both civil and commercial projects. They don’t only provide edging to a pavement or path but, they also neatly border flower beds, shrubs and trees, provide an elegant separation between a pathway and road, and enclose sections in gardens or communal areas.

Kerbs can be made from stone or concrete. Concrete kerbs make for an attractive permanent landscape accent in both civil and commercial jobs. Here are some of the advantages of including a concrete kerb in your next design project.

  • Customisable with various colour and design options
  • Flexible directional designs with flowing curves and straight lines allowing for optimal fluidity in a design project
  • Economical and quickly executed
  • Weather-resistant as it will not rust, decompose, break or move like other materials traditionally used to substitute concrete kerbing
  • Does not disturb existing landscaping


Concrete slabs are the pathway to many possibilities in design projects. Slabs are the base of elements like floors, roofs, ceilings, beams and columns. Though not a design element on its own, it is the foundation for many transformational elements of your design project. Here are some of the amazing elements that a concrete slab can incorporate into your project.

  • Concrete beams – A plain concrete beam is elegant and sleek by itself, however several designs can be incorporated into it. Depending on your aesthetic, you can choose from regal, modern and rustic beams. Additionally, you can also frame concrete beams into a design. If your property is overlooking a spectacular view, a recent trend has been to use concrete beams to frame the view.
  • Flooring – Concrete slabs are used as the base for flooring. Usually, wood, laminate or tile flooring is placed on top, giving you ample designs to select from and a guaranteed durable and solid foundation.

Access paths

In addition to providing conventional civil concrete pavements, concrete can also provide firm and durable footpaths in your home or commercial building. It is a versatile material to use for an access path as it can be easily customised to fit its surroundings and is extremely weather resistant. A concrete path is more accessible and practical because of its smooth finish and hard surface, making it perfectly suitable for persons with accessibility issues. To maintain the clean and sleek finish of a concrete footpath, it does not easily traffic dirt, mud and grease, making it the perfect option for Sydney living. Some of our favourite areas to use a commercial concrete footpath are:

  • Access footpaths in communal gardens and outdoor lounge areas of apartment complexes
  • Access ways from the beach or pool to hotel entrances
  • Outdoor entertainment areas

Are you in need of commercial or civil concrete work for your design project? At Civil and Scape, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of landscape construction and maintenance which allows us to take a forward-thinking and unique approach.

We provide proactive and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome. 

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