5 turf landscaping ideas for summer that will turn your business around


One of the most impressive features of a commercial landscape is a lush green turf. It reflects professionalism, care and refinement and signals that the business cares about its physical appearance. However, many businesses focus on more decorative elements of landscaping such as seasonal curation of flowers, revegetation and living walls. These elements are all incredibly important for beautifying a landscape, but at Civil and Scape, we believe that all impressive landscapes should start with turf laying.

What is turf landscaping?

Turf landscaping is the process of laying layers of grass in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner. Turfs can be either synthetic or real. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. You can discuss your options with one of our landscape architects who will guide you through your options.

Because landscaping is a tedious job, the turf of businesses are frequently neglected. Unlike other elements in a landscape, the appearance of the turf is very noticeable and instantly affects the appearance of a business. This is why turf landscaping done by a professional landscaping company like Civil and Scape is one of the best services that a business can engage in.

A business has the option to simply lay the turf and allow it to be a simple but effective feature in its landscape. Alternatively, a business can use turf landscaping to highlight other features and be a creative element in the business’ surroundings. In this article, we’ll explore 5 ideas for turf landscaping in your business.

5 ideas for your business’ turf landscaping

Use turf landscaping as a frame

If your business’ landscape is already beautifully designed and manicured, then we recommend doing very little to your turf. Sometimes, a turf’s job is to provide framing for existing elements in your landscape. For example, if you have a beautiful stonework walkway or a water feature as a focal point in your landscape, then a sheet of beautiful lush turf is all that is needed to highlight your landscape. This also works amazingly for trees and flowers with kerbing. The juxtaposition of hard concrete or stone (for the kerbing) against the softness of the grass can create an impactful effect.

Add decorative plants

In a similar vein, the addition of decorative plants can make the beauty of a turf pop. Many times, turfs aren’t recognised for their beauty because of the lack of additional elements; turfs can end up looking like a golf course, which is not negative, but also not effective for a business. By using colourful plants, you will make the lush green turf pop and add dimension to the landscape.

Make it an accent

Your business’ turf is a great opportunity for your business to express its creativity and reflect the brand’s personality. Use the turf in conjunction with concrete or stonework and additional elements to create turf art. You can even make it interactive in some cases, by incorporating a game such as chess or noughts and crosses.

A more formal option is to use the turf to spell out your business’ name or to create its logo. This is a fun and eco-friendly way to advertise your business and is quite effective because of the unique combination of nature and branding.

Green on green makes a statement

 An unlikely but effective combination is to use green trees and shrubs in conjunction with a business’ turf landscaping. While earlier in our article, we spoke about the effectiveness of adding colourful flowers to accentuate the beauty of the turf, we will now be discussing an opposing strategy that has a similar outcome.

By using different shades of green with different textures, the beauty of the turf’s greenery stands out. Different textures make the landscape interesting to look at and provide an elegant but interesting appearance. This idea is effective for businesses that are not keen on incorporating colour into their business and that would rather keep their landscape simple, but effective. Textures are the key to this strategy, so ask your landscaping company for a variety of shrubs, flowers and trees that are different shades of green and white.

Civil and Scape’s landscaping team is trained in advising business owners on what designs will work best for their company’s turf.  We provide proactive, innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome.

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4 landscaping construction services most effective for Sydney companies during the summer

landscaping construction

Summer in Sydney is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The sun shines brilliantly, the weather is fantastic and the views become even more impressive. For companies in Sydney, this is the prime time during the year to get landscaping works, particularly landscape construction works done. The only issue that companies face is figuring out what landscaping construction services are needed. The key to figuring out this is determining what is needed versus what is wanted has to do with your business’ budget, the nature of your business and of course, what is missing from your current landscaping.

Landscaping construction is a little different from soft landscaping in that it deals with more functional and technical elements of a landscape. For example, where soft landscaping might include turf laying, landscape construction will involve the construction of a pathway beside the turf. As it still is a form of construction, it’s easy to see why businesses wait until the summertime to get it done.

To guide businesses through their decision, we’ve identified four landscaping construction services that you should engage during the summer. For more personal advice, contact our landscaping construction team. They will gladly walk you through your needs and provide professional guidance.

4 landscaping civil construction services your Sydney company needs


Kerbing, while not often thought of with landscaping, can provide several functions for your business’ landscape. Aesthetically, kerbing provides a neat border for your turf or section of shrubs. While some businesses use stone kerbing, Civil and Scape provides concrete kerbing which is uniform and refined and presents a professional border for your landscaping.

Functionally, kerbing alongside a pavement or road on your commercial property guides cars and prevents them from driving onto access paths and pavements. Additionally, kerbs provide structural support to pavement edges and can be used to channel runoff water from rain into storm drains.

Timber decking

A timber deck is one of the best features for any Sydney business during the summer. However, timber decking is only suitable for specific businesses, mostly those in hospitality such as restaurants, bars and hotels. Though we recommend installing timber before the summer rush, it’s never too late to call Civil and Scape. A timber deck allows your customers and employees to enjoy the sun, beautiful weather and views during the summer. While a costly investment, it pays off by extending the number of customers your business can hold and by simply being a value-added feature that is sure to attract customers.

Outdoor sitting area

Similar to timber decking, an outdoor sitting area is a must-have during the summer. Again, this feature should be installed before summer hits, however,  constructing a sitting area at the beginning of summer gives your business enough summer and fall time to benefit from it. 

An outdoor sitting area in your business gives your employees a recreational area with fresh air, which ultimately helps them to feel more motivated and happier at work. For clients and customers, it is an attractive feature that signals them to stay longer at your business. Lastly, for restaurants, cafes and bars, it provides more space for customers. It is also seen as an attractive feature for prospective customers who may be more inclined to visit your business as a result.

Accessible access paths

Access paths such as ramps and staircases in businesses are integral for facilitating access for people of all abilities to your business. This makes it a key part of your business structure and as a result, should be one of the first civil construction features that you invest in. Ramps allow persons who use wheelchairs and parents with strollers to access your building while a staircase is important in case of a power outage.

We recommend that you secure your customer base and avoid excluding disabled persons and parents from your business by ensuring that your construct access ramps in your business.

We hope that our suggestions for civil construction services help you to determine what you need for your business. Every business is different and will require different features. If you’re unsure of what you need for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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