Civil construction services: 5 benefits of a concrete road

Civil construction services

Civil construction is one of the most difficult service areas for many  of our  clients to wrap their heads around. Though professional landscaping takes years of training and experience, most business owners have a fair idea of what they want. When it comes to civil construction services, a more technical area, business owners struggle a bit more with determining what’s effective for their industry and the property’s physical landscape. Many commercial properties hire our team to construct concrete roads, however, figuring out whether it is aesthetically and functionally right for a business can be challenging.

The issue surrounding concrete roads and other civil construction services are that business owners often don’t understand the value and functionality that comes with it. Without seeking professional advice, it may lead them to select material for a road that is either cheap but extremely low quality or unsuitable for the nature of their business. This is why we believe that knowledge about services and products is power.

At Civil and Scape, we offer concrete works in the form of both pavements and roads. We highly recommend concrete roads for a number of our commercial clients, especially those who are interested in a durable option for their business. To educate our clients and prospective customers and to help them make informed decisions for their businesses, we’ve outlined the benefits of a concrete road for commercial properties.

4 reasons why our civil construction contractors recommend concrete roads for businesses in Sydney


For businesses that are extremely concerned about the aesthetic of their road, a concrete road is the best option. It’s clear to see that a road, regardless of the material, is exposed to all of the elements. From extreme pressure from cars and foot traffic, to high temperatures and excess moisture, a road is subject to a lot. This is why it is important that you acquire the most durable option – a concrete road.

A concrete road is prone to less wear and tear than many other road materials and will not crack, lose its texture or form a pothole easily. For construction businesses, concrete roads are especially effective because they can bear the weight of a loaded truck and are not affected by oil leaks.


With extreme durability comes low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. As concrete roads perform well under intense pressure and have a slow rate of wear and tear in the face of natural elements, they require very little to no maintenance.

Little to no maintenance means that throughout the decades that you have a concrete road, you will not have to spend money on keeping it in tip-top shape. This makes a concrete road a smart investment for any business.

Stays cooler

In Sydney, it’s no secret that during the summer, the temperatures can get extremely hot. While other materials, like asphalt, absorb and trap heat due to its darkness, concrete operates much differently.

Concrete absorbs heat from direct sunlight, stores the heat and releases it slowly so that it is not a blast of heat all at once. The light colour of concrete also helps to reflect the sunlight which reduces the warming of the air; this also helps to decrease the urban heat island effect.

Professional aesthetic

Lastly, the appearance of a concrete road is incredibly important to businesses that value their brand image. The smooth, relatively versatile aesthetic is perfect for most businesses that value a simple but effective design.

Due to the durability of the concrete road, its appearance will not be tarnished easily by wear and tear. This leaves businesses with a structurally and aesthetically sound road that should last decades.

Where do I find civil construction services?

Whether you’re interested in building a concrete road, require ground preparation for a large project or need stormwater management, Civil and Scape can help improve your business. In addition to commercial landscaping, we also offer a variety of civil construction services.

We hope that we’ve convinced you of the value of constructing a concrete road for your business. If you’re still questioning its suitability to your commercial property or if you’d like more information on alternatives, contact a member of our team. One of our employees will happily walk you through the various options that may work for your business. 

If you’re interested in seeing some of our work, browse through our gallery to view our past projects. Want to have a chat? Give us a call on 1300 457 457 or shoot us a message here.

How Sydney businesses can improve employee productivity through landscaping

landscaping sydney

High employee productivity is integral to a business’ success and profitability. While many factors impact the level of employee productivity at a business, there’s one that many business owners forget about and subsequently neglect – the landscaping of their business. In Sydney, many businesses are located on properties that have the potential to transform into an impressive, professionally landscaped space. However, because many business owners aren’t aware of the importance of a landscape to employee productivity, it is not invested in.

On  average, employees who are full-time at an office work approximately 40 hours per week. Forty hours is almost equal to 2 days, which is a lot of time for a person to be cooped up in an office. A commercial property that’s surrounded by a beautiful and functional landscape is a great way to alleviate many of  the negative side effects that come with working at an office. It’s important for businesses to focus on  the  well-being of  their employees because valuable employees are hard to come by. Employee retention should be a priority.

To further explain why and how a landscaping company can improve employee productivity at your  business, we’ve outlined four measures and impacts that Civil and Scape can have on your team.

4 ways Civil and Scape can improve employee productivity in Sydney through landscaping 

Construct pathways for exercise

A Leeds Metropolitan University study found that workers who visited the gym during working hours were more productive, managed their time better, and felt more satisfied at work. While a pathway certainly isn’t a gym, it does facilitate movement outside of the workplace.

Pathways offer employees a break away from the concrete walls of their offices and allow them to get both mental and physical relief. Taking a 15 minute walk is linked to increased happiness, alertness and energy levels at work – all of which increase productivity in the workplace.

Install bike racks to encourage sustainability and physical activity

On a similar note, Civil and Scape can install bike racks at your workplace to encourage employees to ride to work and maintain their physical activity. Many employees would bike to work, however, the lack of security surrounding simply leaving your bike unattended and unlocked prevents many from doing an activity that could positively benefit your business.

Much like taking a walk, biking to and from work improves energy levels and alertness.

Create an outside sitting area for employee socialising

Adding a beautiful courtyard with street furniture to your landscape can encourage your employees to socialise outside of the physical building of the company. When employees have a designated area to socialise, or even to sit and mentally destress, they are more likely to handle the stress of work in an effective and healthy manner. Employees also feel more comfortable to actually take a break from work. 

Our Civil and Scape team can work with you to decide what your outdoor sitting area should look like. From landscaping a courtyard area, to installing outdoor sitting and water features, our recommendations can be completely customised according to your business needs. 

Decrease stress levels through the planting of trees and flowers

Trees and flowers can physiologically and psychologically affect employees. Psychologically, the presence of trees and flowers can improve an employee’s mood, whether they’re outside enjoying the landscape, or viewing it from the office. As mentioned before, an improvement in an employee’s mood is linked to their productivity levels.

Plants also clean the air that we breathe. This is particularly helpful if you ask Civil and Scape to produce a green wall for the interior of your office. A green wall will clean the air, providing employees with a healthier environment and a pleasant view, both of which can improve their productivity levels.

Together, all of these contribute to improved mental health and productivity levels in employees. If you’re unsure of the suitability of different elements in your landscape, contact a member of our team.

What  other benefits can landscaping have on my business?

Hiring Civil and Scape for your landscape doesn’t just positively impact your employees, but  other  areas  of your business as  well. Here are a few benefits you can expect if you hire a landscaping company for your business:

  • Attract customers
  • Improve business presence  at night
  • Increase the length of time customers stay on your  premises
  • Impress clients
  • Add sustainability to your brand identity

We hope that we’ve convinced you of the value of commercial landscaping services and their impacts on employee productivity levels. If you’re interested in seeing some of our commercial work, browse through our gallery to view our past projects.

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