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3 ways landscaping companies can improve your business’ walkways

31 Mar 2021

Have you ever thought of your business’ walkway as an integral part of its landscape and the overall physical appearance of your company? If not, your company may be missing a chance at making your pathway more functional and aesthetically attractive. Walkways, whether leading to your business’ entrance or winding through your landscape, are important for providing safe access on your company’s property as well as affecting the overall appearance of your property. So what’s the first step for improving your business’ walkway? Contacting a landscaping company.

What do landscaping companies in Sydney do for your business’ walkway?

While walkways are never thought of as an interesting element to a company’s, they can be refined to enhance your landscape. A landscaping company like Civil and Scape will, in collaboration with you and according to your requirements, design a walkway that elevates your landscape and complements the nature of your business.

The design of a pathway involves determining what features you need from the footpath (non-slip, natural etc.) selecting material for the physical footpath as well as the design of the pathway. However, professional landscaping companies will suggest a number of design concepts for your walkway.

In this article, we’ll explore a few design concepts for your walkway. If you’re a potential client, feel free to reference these concepts when discussing your plans with us.

3 design concepts for your business’ walkway


If your company has a contemporary aesthetic with sharp lines and sleek concrete, then an understated walkway with minimal frills will blend in beautifully. To prevent a monotonous appearance, our team will avoid using the same materials and colour palate as this won’t appear finessed and will not enhance your company’s landscape.

With this design concept, a material that provides balance to your building and other elements of your landscape would provide understated elegance. For example, if your building is primarily made up of grey concrete, then consider a medium brown timber pathway. The pathway can be framed with low-cut turf or dark grey rocks to tie it back into the overall theme of minimalism. The timber pathway will balance the cold appearance of the concrete while keeping the landscape’s aesthetic contemporary.

Enchanting curved pathway

A curved pathway, while lovely, takes a considerable amount of planning and designing for your landscape. A curved pathway cannot be built to be winding with the necessary elements accentuating its bends and dips, otherwise, it will look extremely random in your landscape.

Blooming shrubs and wild bushes are perfect for framing the pathway and creating a sense of mystery by blocking what is around the bend of the path. For the pathway, stonemasonry is highly recommended as it complements the charm provided by the curvature of the pathway.

We recommend this concept for businesses that want to attract their customers to stay longer. Therefore, businesses in the hospitality industry as well as luxury residential buildings will benefit from this concept.

Adventure path

Adventure paths are walkways that incorporate senses into the landscape elements surrounding it. While a landscape is primarily visual, especially when it comes to blooming flowers and evergreen trees, you can also enhance its visual appeal with textural contrast and incorporate a second sense, scent.

An adventure path contains overhead elements and elements near the ground to create a sense of discovery. You can customise your flowers and trends to either remain simple with a green and white colour palette or to provide more complexity with a variety of flowers and foliage. The choice will be dependent on the overall aesthetic that you want to achieve for your business.

While some plants and flowers like jasminum sambac (Arabian jasmine) and lavandula dentata (French lavender) provide your sense of smell with beautiful scents, planting thymus praecox (creeping thyme) on the pathway will also release a scent every time it is crushed by walking feet.

As you may be able to tell, this design concept is best used in businesses that will benefit from customers who spend a long time on the property. This usually ends up being businesses in hospitality who need to provide an experience rather than just a product.

Civil and Scape’s landscape construction team is trained in advising business owners on what elements will work best for their company.  We provide proactive, innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome.

Work with our team today for a seamless experience and perfect execution. Browse through our gallery to view our past projects.

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