Our journey commenced in 1999 with the establishment of Grand Landscape Services, which rapidly grew to become a key provider of complete landscape solutions for projects of all sizes. Our service offering encompassed construction of hard and soft scaping elements such as concrete pavements, paving, kerb and gutter, planting, turf laying, soil placement etc.

After much success over the past 10 years, a decision was made to re-brand as Civil and Scape in 2019. The new name has been selected to reflect our diversified service offering into civil works which has grown exponentially over time.

Landscape Construction

Industry experts

Civil and Scape employs a team of professionals and industry experts who adhere to a strict code of conduct, safety policy, environmental management system and quality control systems across all our projects. Our integrated business model enables us to be an innovative industry leader offering complete solutions.

We are committed to excelling our client’s expectations and providing a superior service while maintaining a continued sense of pride for our employees.

From inception to completion of each project, we ensure the process is seamless, delivered on time and to a high standard.

At Civil and Scape, our aim is quality, our pursuit is perfection, and our reality is your vision.

commercial landscaping

Our team

Our team is our most valuable asset. A strong team results in successful outcomes, which is why we continuously aim to empower and support our employees to reach their maximum potential.

At Civil and Scape, our team focuses on customer satisfaction and strives to keep them at the core of each project in order to deliver high-calibre service. Our team consists of passionate and professional individuals who care about the clients and delivering high-quality solutions.

As a team, we are driven to foster professional long-term relationships in the pursuit of collaborative success. We are committed to helping the community and environment by tailoring the best outcomes for each project while creating a positive and safe work culture.

why us

Working closely with all team members to ensure the best outcome for your project


With our own fleet of vehicles and specialty equipment, our team is able to take on any project

We only offer QUALITY

Offering top quality plant material grown in local production nurseries & a high level of workmanship


One stop shop for all your landscaping needs with the expertise, resources and operational capacity to complete the job professionally and timely

We are experienced

With a well-established quality team of professionals who are all trained to resolve the most challenging situations

We are passionate

Proud of our company and every project we deliver, we promise results

Environment, Health & Safety

Safety is our number 1 priority at Civil and Scape.

We aspire to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients and the general public. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Risk mitigation measures are implemented throughout the project lifecycle and staff undertake training programs to ensure they are equipped with the tools and knowledge to identify, mitigate and manage any risks onsite.

Civil and Scape strive towards maintaining a culture of environmental, health and safety both in the workplace and at home.