5 Top Qualities to Look Out For in a Commercial Landscaping Company

14 Sep 2022

Having a well-maintained landscape can be very beneficial for both commercial and residential properties. Your landscape is significant in helping form first impressions about your business or property; it also helps to increase the value of your property, increase kerb side appeal and provide a sophisticated, professional and aesthetically appealing look to your outdoor space. 

Behind every maintained landscape is a professional landscaping company. Helping keep your landscape in good shape, the right commercial company can help uplift your property with top results. With numerous landscaping companies offering premium services, it can be challenging to determine which company is a good fit for your landscape. So, how do you know which company to use for your landscaping needs? 

Top qualities of a good commercial landscaping company:

If you’re looking for a company that can meet your needs and provide you with premium services you can trust and count on, it’s essential to consider the following qualities. 

Multiple services on offer 

A company that offers a variety of services, and is good at them, is one that should be considered. To maintain a well-kept area, landscaping requires more than just mowing the lawn and watering the garden. Instead, it involves more forward-thinking approaches and consistent services to ensure the deliverance of long-term results. 

A dedicated team will have an array of commercial landscaping services as part of their offering; these services include planting trees and plants, installing water features and street furniture, paving, irrigation, maintenance programs and more. Rather than hiring multiple companies to do one job, hiring a professional company with expertise in many areas of landscaping will ensure exceptional results, as well as simplified billing. 


Researching and making yourself aware of the commercial landscaping company you’re considering working with is the perfect way to determine whether or not they’re the best fit to deliver the results you’re after. Looking for sources of reference from people who have previously encountered a certain company is beneficial in providing accurate and reliable feedback on the services they offer or have recently performed. 

Also, looking at customer reviews and testimonials is another good way to determine if the landscaping company can satisfy your needs. If the reviews indicate contentment with services, that is a good sign of a reliable company.


A commercial landscaping company must have the appropriate and required skills that cover an extensive range of landscaping tasks. Some skills and experience that a landscaper needs include: 

● Attention to detail 

● Consistency and reliability in services 

● Designing and constructing landscapes for commercial and residential spaces 

● Controlling and removing weeds 

● Installing structures or water features in landscapes 

● Providing advice on development plans 

Ongoing training and attention to current trends are crucial in the landscaping industry. A company that is up to date with trending designs can provide quality services, ensuring your landscape design is not outdated and messy but looks neat, presentable and appealing. 


The right landscaping company is always equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Landscapers depend on various tools to help complete specific landscaping and maintenance tasks. Having all required equipment on hand shows excellent signs of a well-prepared, professional and dependable company.


It is important to get an idea of what different landscaping companies charge for their services. Considering the type of job and its requirements, selecting a company that does not charge a ridiculously high or suspiciously cheap amount should be considered. A landscaping company that is qualified and assured in their services will be able to quote a fixed, reasonable price that represents the quality of their work. 

As commercial or residential property owners, it is essential to consider all signs mentioned to ensure you are receiving the finest services from the right commercial landscaping company.

As commercial or residential property owners, it is important to take into account all signs mentioned to ensure you are receiving the finest services from the right commercial landscaping company. 

Civil and scape are highly experienced and skilled commercial landscapers in Sydney with over 10 years of expertise in the industry. We are committed to excelling our client’s expectations and providing superior services with the help of our qualified team and upgraded equipment.

Offering a broad range of services in civil construction, landscaping and maintenance, the Civil and Scape team is here to help you transform your commercial and residential properties.

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