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Choose wisely: selecting a landscape construction company

11 Feb 2021

Making the decision to hire a landscaping construction company is relatively simple when compared to selecting the best landscape construction company for your business. Many business owners do not realise how important the research process is when it comes to picking a landscape construction company. While service may be the same on paper, in practice, the quality delivered by different landscape construction companies in Sydney can differ greatly.

Unlike softscape elements of landscaping, landscape construction provides functionality to your business’ environment. For this reason, you should more carefully consider the company that you pick to execute your landscape construction project. Understandably, many business owners will not even know where to begin which is why many end up with a company that is sub-par. To prevent a situation like this, we’ve outlined a guide for finding the right landscape construction company for your business as well as a few warning signs that you should look out for.

How to choose the best landscape construction company for your business

Research the prospective landscape construction company’s past projects

Researching the landscape construction company and its previous projects gives you what the company’s team is strong in as well as the kind of experience that it has. First, when it comes to the expertise of the team, most companies will have a team page that details the experience of the team member. Use this as a rough guide of what the company is specialised in. For example, an employee may be qualified in civil construction or have project management qualifications, indicating that the company can execute civil construction or large scale projects.

The team’s experience is not always a guarantee of a company’s capabilities. One of the best ways to determine this (apart from asking them) is to take a look at their recent projects. Have they completed projects similar to yours? Is the scale or the elements like yours?

Understand what you need and know your budget

Before looking for a landscape construction company, you should have an idea of what you want as well as the budget you have in mind. There are a number of different landscape construction companies all with varying price points for the same service/project. Knowing this information helps you to weed out the companies that your business can’t afford.

Civil and Scape are different from other landscape construction companies because they work with your budget and with you to come up with landscape construction solutions that are right for your business.

Do a thorough check of their reviews

The best way to find out if a landscape construction company satisfies its clients’ needs and expectation is to thoroughly research their reviews. Whether you check Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google, unfiltered reviews from past customers are the best way to determine their quality.

Additionally, you can also request client references from companies. Though these won’t be unfiltered, a client will never agree to be a reference if they weren’t happy with the service offered by the landscape construction company. 

Ask about their resources

A company’s human resources in addition to the access it has to specific types of equipment and machinery will give you an idea of their capacity and the type of work that they can execute. Ask the company directly about the equipment and machinery that they have access to. You can also ask about the size of their team and how many people you should expect on your project. If you have a more large-scale landscape construction project, these questions will identify two important things: whether the company has the capacity to execute your project and if they can do it by your deadline.

What warning signs should you look out for?

If we’ve caught you too late in the game and you’ve already hired a landscape construction company or had your initial consultation, then here are a few signs that you should be wary of:

  • No experience with your scale of your project
  • Late to your meeting
  • Unwilling to show past projects/give client references
  • Not familiar with some of your landscape construction requests

Civil and Scape’s landscape construction team is trained in advising business owners on what elements will work best for their company.  We provide proactive, innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome.

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