Civil Construction

At Civil and Scape, our civil construction services division has continued to thrive since its inception and is well equipped to successfully deliver projects.

Past projects have included the installation of kerbs and gutters, asphalting, public roads, private access roads, paving, excavation and services, concreting works, carparks, children’s playgrounds and sporting facilities such as basketball courts.

Our team is passionate and committed to delivering projects to the highest possible standards of workmanship and service.

Our Civil Construction Services

Ground preparation

This phase involves clearing the site and ensuring it is ready for works to commence.
It may include demolition of existing structures, bulk earthworks, installation of underground services, soil testing and remediation, and undertaking site surveys.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management involves a range of tasks including investigating and resolving drainage issues, installation of pits, pipes, drainage systems as per project specifications and construction of gutters. This phase also provides an opportunity to introduce initiatives for the project to reduce and re-use water onsite through materials and product selection or substitutions.

Concrete Works

This process involves forming up, pouring concrete then applying various finishing techniques to slabs, vehicular crossings, pavements, footpaths, walls, pits or wherever else required.


This involves delivering the stabilised structural base in preparation for the construction of any new roads as per local council and RMS requirements and specifications as well as milling and asphalting existing roads as required.

Kerbs and Gutters

This process involves constructing new or repairing existing kerbs and gutters, dish drains, laybacks, kerb ramps and so forth to local government and RMS specifications.

Playgrounds and Sporting Facilities

This involves preparation of the ground and installation of play equipment, soft fall and various types of finishes as per project specifications including synthetic turf and asphalt.

Quality Management, Safety & Compliance

Our team is committed to consistently delivering high quality work and maintaining highest standards of workmanship, best practice and compliance through our internal quality management system and compliance framework.

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