Commercial Landscaping

What is The Foundation of Good Commercial Landscaping

07 Sep 2020

Commercial landscaping is one of the foundations of a successful and attractive business. Along with marketing, quality services/product and an expert team, commercial landscaping stands as one of the most impactful features that a business can have. What is the foundation of good commercial landscaping? What makes commercial landscaping so effective?

Commercial landscaping is meant to complement and enhance as well as independently contribute to the landscape. In addition to providing attractive aesthetics that allow building features, such as an impressive store entrance to stand out, commercial landscaping can change the behaviours of consumers and their perspective on the business.

Some of the most requested landscaping services by our clients include the following:

  • Seasonally curated flowers
    • Keep your property lively and colourful all year long.
  • Sustainable systems
    • Maintain an eco-friendly landscape.
  • Lined pathways
    • Create an enjoyable experience.
  • Stoneworks
    • Refine your walkway.
  • Installation of water features
    • Add fun and interesting water elements. This is ideal for hotel and yoga studios as it creates a calm ambience.
  • Installation of street furniture
    • Create an enjoyable living space.

In this article, we’ll discuss what makes up the foundation of good commercial landscaping and why it is so effective for companies.

Benefits of expert commercial landscaping

Send the right message about your company

Your business has an identity and a brand to upkeep. Additionally, the service you provide or the product that you sell has its own identity together with your brand. Commercial landscaping can help reflect this identity on your business and ensure that your customers and clients convey the right message. For example, if your business is a yoga studio, you likely want your company to appear peaceful and calm for your customers. Commercial landscaping can reflect that with water features, natural elements such as stoneworks on pathways and of course, native trees.

Create the type of space you want your customers to experience

Depending on your business, you may want your customers to stay and linger while browsing your products or enjoying your service or, you may want them to quickly move along. This is all dependent on your business model. Commercial landscaping can help make your customers feel comfortable and encourage them to stay longer with the installation of comfortable street furniture like lounges and firepits.

Guide your clients and customers

Directing the flow of traffic is key to ensuring that your clients experience your business and its store in the way that you intend. Most clients prefer that customers make a beeline for the entrance. Commercial landscaping can guide them with attractive trees and plants and lined pathways that call attention to the business’ entrance. These bold statements don’t only beautify your space, but it also acts as an important highlight to your entrance.

Attract clients and customers

Beautiful landscapes are a sure way to attract unaware but potential customers who may be passing by your business. If your landscaping is bold and attractive or warm and inviting for potential customers to sit and relax, you can instantly get customers to enter your business.

Of course, commercial landscaping does not only include having a beautiful and outstanding landscape, but it also involves the proper maintenance of a property. Manicured lawns and trimmed trees can easily draw attention simply because it appears well-kept. Never underestimate the power of a neat lawn when it comes to attracting customers.

Enhance the beauty of your building

With carefully selected colour and texture from flowers and plants, your business can have its beauty accentuated. Often, gorgeous buildings are hidden because they are too one-dimensional; with one type of material (concrete or brick), your building can appear cold and lack personality. Trees, water features and flowers can add that much-needed pop of colour and when placed against a hard material, create a gorgeous effect and highlight the beauty of your business’ building.

Become eco-friendly

Designing your landscape to ensure that it is eco-friendly will not only save your company money, but it can also attract customers. It can save your business money by reducing your energy and water bills. The most important part is the attraction of customers. Aussies are consistently growing in their eco-consciousness, making sustainable and eco-friendly landscapes a very attractive marketing point. When you implement sustainable features and systems into your commercial landscape, consider adding a sign that tells the customer something about your sustainability program. For example, ‘Our business has saved 2000 litres of water this year.’

Are you in need of commercial landscaping for your business? At Civil and Scape, we have a deep understanding of the latest commercial landscaping trends. Our team is trained in advising business owners on what will work best for their company. Our training in both landscaping and landscaping construction allows us to take a forward-thinking and unique approach.

We provide proactive and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome.

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