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From wellbeing to productivity – why landscaping should be a priority for your business

08 Feb 2022

Computer screens, cubicle walls and loud coworkers are some of the less glamorous sides of the workplace that people don’t speak about all that often. As the working world continues to accelerate at a speed like never before, we’re seeing more and more people on the computer for most of the day and the speed of work continuing to ramp up. With this in mind, many employers are considering how they can make their offices as calm, enjoyable and stress-free as possible. When it comes to creating a therapeutic space, what’s more relaxing than sunshine, outdoor lunches, and sweet-smelling flowers?

Commercial property managers and business owners are uniquely positioned to improve their employee’s productivity and wellbeing through corporate gardens. Designed by landscape construction companies, these thoughtfully designed and well-maintained interactive landscapes are scientifically proven to bring plenty of benefits for the employees and the business too. Whether you call it a therapy garden or office garden, here are five reasons why commercial landscaping should be a priority for your business.

1—Improved memory

What if you could not only help your employees improve their performance at work, but at the same time, add to their overall professional development and enrich their personal lives? Turns out you can do all that and more with a single training topic: memory skills! In a recent study, the University of Michigan found that more time spent outside in close proximity to plants can help increase memory retention by up to 20 percent. The researchers believe these findings may also indicate that time spent outdoors can be super beneficial for anyone suffering from mental fatigue – aka office employees during their busiest times of the year! By also increasing an employee’s attention span and improving their concentration, you’ll boost the overall morale of your workplace and supercharge productivity at the same time. Not only will your teams be getting more done, but they’ll be delivering higher-quality work and enjoying themselves in the process. It’s really a win-win!

2—Stress reduction

There’s no denying that work can get stressful. No matter who you are or what you do, we’ve all experienced the stress that can come with work. However, corporate gardens that encourage employees to prune, pluck or water work wonders for reducing stress. A big part of this comes down to having the opportunity to get in touch with nature. It’s proven that the more time we spend in nature, the calmer we feel. However, few people have the chance to regularly go camping, take a hike in nature or even just enjoy half an hour in the sunshine when they’re working a full-time office job. By introducing a garden into the workplace, your employees will have the chance to introduce the outdoors into their everyday life and divert their attention to something completely stress-free throughout the day. With even just a few minutes spent in the garden, they’ll return to the desk less stressed and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at them.

3—Encourages on-site team building

Team building is common practice for almost every business across the world. Many employers even have dedicated budgets to help facilitate initiatives such as beach days, picnics, hikes, group dinners or even adrenaline-seeking activities. While there are some affordable options, the biggest expense for these events is often the transportation costs and time spent getting to and from the venue. With a landscaped garden on-site, you’ll have the perfect backdrop to host all your team-bonding events – without having to even step foot away from the office. Whether everyone rolls up their sleeves to plant veggies in raised garden beds or you’re hosting a barbecue lunch for the entire office, you’ll create a space for people to get to know each other outside of their professional roles.

4—Increased physical activity

Today’s office workers spend most, if not all, of their day behind a desk staring at a computer screen. After wrapping up the working day, most people then head home to spend the evening watching TV or scrolling on their phone. All up, that results in a whole lot of screen time and not too much movement. We know that any movement is good for the body and that every little bit adds up, so it’s important to look for ways to introduce movement into the regular working day. A free and accessible way to encourage a more active lifestyle is to create a space for your employees to move at work. With an on-site garden, they can head out for a walk in the sunshine on their lunch breaks, take calls on-the-go or even meet with clients in the garden. Regardless of why they’re stepping away from the desk, they’ll come back re-energized and ready to kick goals.

5—Improved social interaction

Did you know that spending time around plants can positively impact the relationships we have with others? Research from Texas A&M found that those who spent more time around plants are much more likely to have advanced social relationships – both at home and at work. For you that means, the more time your employees spend with plants, the more likely they are to reach out to other co-workers, show empathy for their colleagues, and put their hand up to help out when they’re needed. Creating an oasis at your work will bring plenty of short and long term perks that will benefit your company in a variety of different ways. When it comes to commercial landscaping, it’s important to work with a team that understands the scope and requirements of your project, as well as exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

At Civil and Scape, we’ve worked with plenty of businesses to design, construct and maintain commercial spaces that help improve the workplace for every employee. See more of our projects here .

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