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How can a civil works company improve our city?

13 Jan 2021

 A civil works company, like Civil and Scape, offers civil construction and earthworks services for public spaces and properties. As one of the leading civil works companies in NSW, Civil and Scape proudly delivers services that are transformative for both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a property or space. Unlike many landscaping companies that focus solely on ‘softscape’ elements, Civil and Scape is able to offer more flexible and expansive solutions for areas which need to transform their physical exterior space.

When the council or the government are exploring options for the improvement of public space, ‘soft’ landscaping and interior design of a property are often thought of – but not civil works. Civil and Scape’s civil works and earthworks services have the potential to do more than simply change the profile of public space. It can improve its accessibility, facade aesthetic, attractiveness to residents and more. Before we get into the details of the potential of a civil works company, let’s first take a look at the services that fall under civil works and what earthworks entail.

What are civil works and earthworks?

Unless you’re in the construction and engineering industry, it is unlikely that you will understand what civil works and earthworks entail nor how they will impact a property/space. Civil works involves the construction of both natural and physically built environments including stormwater infrastructure and roads for public spaces. Earthworks are engineering works that are done through the moving and processing of soil or unformed rock. It is usually done to reconfigure the topography of the site for design elements.

From both definitions, it is clear that civil works and earthworks are important foundational services needed for the execution of integral aesthetic and functional elements. In the next section, we’ll explore more specific ways that a civil works company can improve our city’s public space.

4 ways a civil works and earthworks company can improve our city

Improve accessibility through the construction of different access ways

Accessibility is a key feature for public spaces as it determines whether residents of a city can access goods and services. Civil works are responsible for the construction of stairways, pathways and ramps. In addition to facilitating the movement of people, civil works are also responsible for constructing access ways that give people with disabilities equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to the full range of social, political and cultural activities. This is outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992. Public as well as commercial spaces must adhere to this legislation.

Through the construction of wheelchair ramps and stairways, persons of varying disabilities and ages will be accommodated.

Provide a professional aesthetic and functional element for the landscape through kerbing

Kerbing is the concrete border used to line pathways or section off portions of a landscape. Instead of using stones or timber, concrete kerbing is a more refined and professional way of cordoning off an area. In addition to its aesthetic benefit, kerbing prevents elements from disturbing portions of the landscape. It also serves as a partition between the road and pavement and guides vehicles and cyclists on the road, keeping pedestrian safe.

Increase the security and appearance of a building with a concrete wall

Security in public buildings is incredibly crucial, especially since many of them also contain important information. Concrete retaining walls are integral for preventing the earth from moving downhill with erosion. Battling gravity is its primary purpose as it works to ensure that erosion does not impact the structural integrity of the building. From an aesthetic perspective, a concrete retaining wall provides a clean and professional facade for a public building. It’s a relatively cost-effective element when you consider that it provides durability, security and a refined aesthetic.

Improved structural integrity through steel fixing

Securing a building’s foundation can be done through steel fixing. Steel fixing involves the positioning of steel bars which reinforce concrete on the project. While purely functional, it is integral for prolonging the life of a building and for securing an existing structure, thereby providing safety for the public. This service is usually needed when there are practical additions to an existing building. At Civil and Scape, our team works in conjunction with engineering designers and steel erectors to ensure that this service is executed perfectly and that the structural integrity of a building is bolstered.

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