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How Civil Construction Services Keep Our Cities and Businesses Running Smoothly

06 Dec 2022

Civil construction impacts every part of our lives without us even noticing it. Walking around Sydney, you probably don’t realise how much work goes into creating and maintaining a city, but it is intricately woven into every step you take. Civil works and landscaping make our cities and businesses more practical, functional and attractive by improving and enhancing the environment.

What are civil works in construction?

Civil works in construction are any service that contributes to the public infrastructure of things such as water, earth or transport. This refers to the creation (design and construction) and maintenance of the physical structure, such as drainage systems, footpaths, steps, gutters, roads and paving. So what does a civil construction worker do? They manage and maintain the public infrastructure of modern society – anything that will make people’s lives easier.

Civil construction workers perform labour tasks during the building process, including operating machinery and building foundations. They compact, level and spread materials to form roads and footpaths and perform minor repairs to damaged surfaces that relate to the maintenance and construction of the natural and physically built public infrastructure environment.

Tasks of a civil construction company

  • Evaluating and investigating the land and building sites suitable for the creation of infrastructure
  • Adhering to the guidelines created by the government, local bodies and clients when planning, creating and maintaining infrastructure
  • Creating infrastructure plans and having these approved by governing bodies and local authorities
  • Creating cost estimates and contracts
  • Tendering the contracts and hiring contractors
  • Supervising and monitoring the construction of the infrastructure

Civil construction services that can help your business

A civil construction company such as Civil and Scape helps keep our cities and businesses running smoothly and safely by delivering small to mid-scale projects such as installing kerbs and gutters, asphalting, private access roads, paving, excavation and concrete works. Our services include hard and soft scaping elements that can greatly impact your business.

  • Kerbing
    Kerbing provides a neat border for your turf or shrubs, so aesthetically, it’s a good idea for your business landscape. While some businesses use stone kerbing, Civil and Scape uses concrete kerbing, which is more uniform and presents a more professional border visually. In terms of functionality, having kerbing alongside a pavement or road on your commercial property guides cars and prevents them from driving onto pavements.
  • Accessible access paths
    Access paths such as ramps and staircases are crucial for your business so that people of all abilities can have access. It’s such an important feature that it should be the first civil construction element your business should invest in. Ramps allow people in wheelchairs and parents with prams to access your building, while stairs are essential in a power outage. Every business is different and requires different features, but we can’t emphasise enough how vital this customer base is to any business.
  • Asphalt Paving
    Asphalt is one of the most durable, safe and long-lasting materials to use for your road, parking lot or the access path. Asphalt roads are much smoother and do not deteriorate under pressure. This makes them very safe and especially suited to construction companies that have heavy vehicles going in and out of their premises. Smooth roads also save money, as lacking potholes means less damage to cars and tyres. Add to this the fact that asphalt roads can be built quickly and cost-effectively, it’s a material that’s definitely worth considering.

Civil and Scape: tailored solutions

At Civil and Scape, our expert contractors will be happy to discuss any of your civil construction or landscaping needs. We understand that it takes much thought and planning, which is why we are always available for advice and guidance for your public or commercial project. To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today on 1300 457 457.

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