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How our landscaping company will help your commercial property during autumn and winter

27 May 2021

Have you ever wondered what landscaping companies do during autumn or winter? Many company directors wrongly believe that landscaping companies don’t have much to do during autumn or winter. They come to this conclusion because of the gloomy weather which they then associate with an inability to grow or work on their company’s garden. While the rain and low temperatures certainly don’t make our job easy during these months, it’s a necessary evil. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot to do on a commercial landscape during the winter months. With zero snow or frost and temperatures that seldom hit below 0, winter in Sydney is not as harsh as other countries. This means that, unlike other climates, in Sydney, you have more opportunities to tend to your garden.

Though we do not recommend ignoring your garden at any time of the year, residential properties tend to do so during winter as a way of reducing their costs; this is not a good tactic as costs end up being higher in the spring and summer due to lack of maintenance. However, for commercial properties, it is much more important to maintain a landscape throughout the year as this keeps the physical space of the property attractive for customers and on par with their competitors. 

Where can my company find the best landscaping companies in Sydney?

Before we dive into how your landscaping company will harness the few benefits that winter has to offer, let’s first answer one of the most common questions that many business owners have.

Civil and Scape specialises in commercial landscaping and civil construction. Our team will work with you to meet your needs and advise according to what your goals are for your business.

When winter hits, our team will engage in the following actions to capitalise on winter and prepare your landscape for spring and summer.

4 ways Civil and Scape will help your business during autumn and winter

Plant spring-flowering bulbs

Planting during winter is perfect for achieving a full blossom of spring flowers. Our landscaping team will assess your landscape, collaborate with you on the placement of these bulbs, advise on well-lit areas with well-drained soil and plant them in time for spring bloom. While bulbs should ideally be planted in autumn for spring bloom, planting during winter will ensure a late spring/early summer bloom.

Daffodils, dutch iris, hyacinth, lachenalia, ixia, muscari, ranunculi and tulips are popular flowers for blooming during springtime. For a summer bloom, your landscaper may plant hydrangeas, agapanthus, zinnias, hibiscus and crepe myrtle.

Trim and prune hedges and plants

Trimming and pruning hedges right before the onset of winter will keep them compact but voluminous and at the ground level. Pruning is stimulating to plants because there is a chemical contained in the cut buds which allow the buds to break once removed and ultimately, causing a bushy plant.

It can be very easy to ‘over-prune’; only one of our professional landscapers will be able to trim the bushes, short enough to benefit from volume in the spring, but long enough to avoid killing the plant.

Cover the soil

Leaving flower beds exposed during winter can cause a number of issues which can then lead to more work for your landscaping company and increased costs for their services. Exposed flower beds can allow weeds to grow during winter and into spring, which makes your landscape look unruly and drains the soil of its resources.

To prevent the weeds from sprouting our team will cover the soil with mulch, cardboard or another natural landscaping fabric. This curbs the growth of weeds and even prevents pests from disturbing the soil while allowing helpful organisms to proliferate.

Rake the leaves

During autumn and winter, trees shed their leaves to conserve resources. What most people know as a tell-tale sign of cooler weather, can quickly turn into a point of annoyance for many business owners. While a light shedding of leaves is not a major issue, it can turn into an undesirable element for a commercial property.

Our team will regularly remove leaves, debris and branches that have fallen onto your property. We will create a timely schedule, ensuring that you are always left with a clean and tidy landscape.

Have we managed to convince you that landscaping services are helpful for businesses during autumn and winter? Then, have a chat with a member of our team. Give us a call on 1300 457 457 or shoot us a message here.

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