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Is Civil Construction The Key to Securing Your Company’s Future?

16 Jun 2020

Civil construction is a key element of infrastructure in businesses and thus, is vital to securing its future. Civil and Scape offers civil construction services because we understand the importance of it in financially and infrastructurally stabilising and growing your business. When we refer to infrastructure security, we also take into consideration any concrete works or construction that improves the business’ functionality. Financial security in business is usually derived from a steady or growing stream of customers. Perhaps unknown to many is the impact that civil construction can have on a business’ financial performance. While not obvious, civil construction can pave the way for strong relationships with clients, customers and employees.

What civil construction services do Civil and Scape offer?

Civil and Scape has the capacity and resources to deliver small to mid-scale civil construction projects. As mentioned previously, we understand the value of civil construction and have extensive knowledge within this field. Currently, under the civil construction umbrella, we offer the following services.

  • Ground preparation
  • Kerbing
  • Asphalt paving
  • Stormwater management including installation of pipes, pits and culverts
  • Construction of retaining walls and soil stabilisation
  • Concrete works including steel fixing, formwork and slabs
  • Construction of ramps, access paths and stair construction

These services can play an integral role in securing a business’ future. In this article, we take a look at how civil construction can positively affect your business’ future.

How can civil construction secure your company’s future

Retaining wall secures its foundation
A retaining wall is vital in providing extra support for areas where the earth must be prevented from moving downhill with erosion. Its most basic functions are to defy gravity, create a flat piece of land and secure your business’ foundation. As a pure landscape feature, a retaining wall can separate different areas of your business’ landscape and create a visual focal point. Regarding your company’s future, it quite literally, provides a solid foundation for your company and its surroundings.

Impress with kerbing and asphalt paving
Kerbing and asphalt paving are not often thought of as part of civil construction. However, it’s a common service executed by Civil and Scape and can bolster your company’s appearance. Kerbing provides edging to a pavement or path and can border flower beds and lawns. Kerbing neatly sections areas of your landscape and is an easy way to achieve a professional aesthetic. Asphalt paving also lends a clean and polished look to your business. How do both secure the future of your business? Both methods impress clients and prospective partners and customers, thereby, strengthening your business’ sales and relationships–the keys to steady growth and profitability.

Facilitate accessibility with professional access paths
Civil construction makes way for access paths, including ramps and staircases, in businesses. Both are, of course, integral to your physical business as they facilitate entry for everyone. Everyone includes persons with disabilities who at times, cannot access premises because of the absence of an accessible path. Secure your customer base by ensuring that you construct ramps and access paths to allow disabled persons to access your facilities, services and products.

Reduce flooding with professional stormwater management
The need for stormwater management spans a variety of reasons. For your business and its environment, urban flooding is the most important reason to ensure that you have proper stormwater management. If your business is located in an urban area, then it most likely was developed on natural vegetation surfaces which are permeable. This permeable surface allows for the natural absorption and drainage of rain or stormwater. Your building, roads and pavements would have been built on this surface and thus, prevent it from draining and absorbing the water. Without anywhere for the water to go, urban flooding occurs. Stormwater management creates a pathway for this excess water to be diverted and avoid flooding. Your business can be seriously affected by urban flooding, causing you to be at risk of incurring irreparable damage and heavy financial losses.

Prepare concrete slabs–the foundation for many elements
Concrete slabs are the foundation for many important design elements, including beams, floors, roofs, ceilings and columns. They provide security for transformative features for your business including, wooden or laminate flows and sculpted concrete beams. Concrete slabs provide two security benefits for your business:

  1. they provide a solid and secure base for your business and,
  2. enable your business to have beautifully designed structural elements which can attract customers and provide a positive environment for employees.

Are you in need of commercial or civil concrete work for your design project? At Civil and Scape, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of landscape construction and maintenance which allows us to take a forward-thinking and unique approach.

We provide proactive and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome.

Work with our team today for a seamless experience and perfect execution. Browse through our gallery to view our past projects.

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