Landscape Construction

At Civil and Scape, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of landscape construction and maintenance which allows us to be innovative and deliver long term results.

We employ specialised teams who work together to seamlessly deliver projects that are both visually pleasing and functional.

We are passionate about providing our clients a smooth experience and perfect execution.

Our Landscape Construction Services


Our landscape architects are passionate about design and work closely with clients to create spaces that are unique, functional, and sustainable. Our designs aim to achieve better health, environmental, social and economic outcomes for the community.


At Civil and Scape, we work closely with a small number of irrigation system suppliers to customise a system specific to each project and to ensure it is fit for purpose.
Our landscapers are able to design, install and upkeep irrigation systems as well as put together an eco-friendly rainwater harvesting approach.

Installation of Street Furniture

Our team is able to supply and install locally made or source customised furniture items including benches and seating, tables and settings, shade structures, bicycle parking, bollards, drinking fountains and litter solutions.

Educational Premises, Public Spaces and Infrastructure

Our team is well equipped to deliver soft and hard scape elements designed for educational premises, such as school playgrounds, and public infrastructure and spaces, including sporting facilities such as basketball courts and carparks.

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