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The benefits of incorporating stoneworks into civil construction services and landscaping

28 Apr 2021

Stone is a versatile material that accentuates the beauty of any landscape and structure. Incorporating stonework in civil works is a timeless, stylish, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to make any area stand out.

The economically sustainable properties of stone make an excellent option when considering minimising emissions in a public sphere.

Recommended stones for civil construction: 


Basalt stone, also referred to as traps, is recommended for bridge piers, dams, the surrounding of a playground, parkland, river walls and barricades. This stone is favoured when actioning stonework as it is compact and a fine to medium grain. Basalt is also known as a material for being weather and moisture resistant. Its colours range from dark grey, black, blue, and green, so aesthetically, they work well with many landscaping designs.


A popular choice for stonework for outdoor and building work is limestone. Notorious for being a durable sedimentary rock that works best for gravel, slab forms, footpaths, walls, facades and gardens, to name a few. The colours that this stone comes in are usually grey, tan, yellow, blue and cream. The aesthetics of limestone is that it offsets an impression of beach shell and fossils.

Limestone can set other materials; for example, it works as a cement base for pavements, flooring and roofs. When used for a landscaping wall, the texture is so dense that applying fine polish increases the materials shine and longevity.


Sandstone is one of the most popular stones used in civil construction services. Historically, the majority of Sydney’s infrastructure was made out of sandstone. Today, in Australia alone, you can find thousands of tonnes worth of sandstone.

Sandstone is a combination of quartz and feldspar and comes in various colours such as grey, red, brown, yellow and white. Today, it is favourable used for the exterior of buildings and outdoor public areas as it is sustainable and weather resistant.

Benefits of stone and stonework:  

Aesthetically pleasing:

There is a significant appreciation of stone because of its beauty. It is a material that is aesthetically pleasing and has been used for that very reason for thousands of years. In addition to this, natural stones are available in many shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, with customisation options to suit any design concept; there are no limits to stone design. It is only limited to the designer’s imagination.

Low maintenance: 

Compared to concrete, the utilisation of natural stone incorporates a material that is not as brittle and dense, ensuring minimal maintenance over concrete.


Stonework and the incorporation of stone in civil construction services are widely accepted on projects as this service is a green solution. Stone is an environmentally friendly material that stems from the earth’s surface, making it a naturally grown material. It has a low carbon footprint and low embodied energy, a completely recyclable material that makes it sustainable and easy to disperse.


Stonework can be considered the most durable design element to a landscape. It can resist harmful weather properties, changes in seasons and stay intact during turbulent weather such as high winds, rainfall and heatwaves. In addition to this, incorporating limestone and granite for natural stone paving is a moisture and heat resistant material, making it one of the most durable paving solutions. 

Civil and Scape has the capabilities and resources to fulfil any commercial project. In addition to stonework as part of our civil work services, we also offer the following: 

  • ground preparation,
  • kerbing, 
  • asphalt, 
  • stormwater management which includes installing pipes, pits and culverts, 
  • retaining walls and the stabilisation of soil, 
  • concrete labour including formwork, steel fixing and labs and,
  • ramp access paths and the construction of stairs. 

We take pride in offering proactive and sustainable solutions to ensure every project has the Civil and Scape touch. Are you looking to work with our team today for a smooth experience in executing your project? Our friendly staff would be more than happy to answer any of your enquiries. Call us on 1300 457 457 now.

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