Top 3 Benefits of Great Landscape Design in Commercial Property

04 Nov 2022

Have you ever wondered if commercial landscaping is suitable for your property? Civil and Scape have got the answer for you.

There’s no doubt that first impressions can often make or break individuals’ perceptions of your property after all, aesthetics and visual appeal are a significant part of your commercial building. So, what better way to increase the aesthetic and visual appeal of your building and create a lasting impression on passers-by than with a well-maintained and thoroughly designed landscape?

Commercial landscaping goes beyond visual appeal and can be highly beneficial for your property. As a professional landscaping company, the Civil and Scape team has gathered the top benefits of commercial landscaping to help elevate your property.

What is commercial landscaping?

Commercial landscaping consists of strategically planning, designing and executing designs and maintaining the outdoor landscapes of many types of properties. Landscaping services can work to address visual aesthetics, biodiversity, water management, the creation of habitats and many more.

Commercial landscaping companies can achieve such works to ensure that your landscape is suitable for your property,reflecting the values and personality of your business through a carefully thought-out design while simultaneously increasing its overall value.

Benefits of commercial landscaping

If you’ve been considering uplifting the landscaping of your commercial property, here are some of the top benefits of choosing commercial landscaping services:

Enhance kerb-side appeal

We can all agree that the outdoor aesthetic of a commercial property is a leading factor in enticing you to go in and explore a particular store. This can be credited to the well-designed and implemented landscaping used to improve the outdoor appearance of a commercial building, helping attract customers.

It is known that implementing commercial landscaping coincides with having positive psychological effects on both customers and employees; this suggests that landscaping is a contributing feature helping draw attention to the entrance of a building, allowing the business to appear more attractive and welcoming.

This can be achieved through symmetrical design and careful placements of bright flowers, water features, trees and shrubs; it can also include embellishing hardscapes such as pathways and seating arrangements at the storefront or drawing attention to the entrance of the building.

Encourages customers to spend

As well as attracting customers into your business, a thoroughly maintained and designed landscape is likely to allure customers to spend more on products or services offered in your store. This is because the aesthetic appearance of your business encourages customers to see the value in your business based on the products and services offered, as well as in the way the business is maintained and presents itself.

An adequately maintained business presents characteristics of professionalism, sophistication, care and proficiency. Therefore, the landscape of your business is beneficial in not only improving the look of your property but also in enticing customers to both enter and spend more on a ‘valuable’ company.

Increases the value of your property

Commercial landscaping has also been proven to increase the value of your property. A well-looked-after landscape is bound to do well in the market than a neglected and unappealing landscape. An enhancement of any kind to your external landscape can emphasise characteristics of worth and value to your building.

A building with an aesthetically appealing landscape has its benefits and is considered to be an investment in the long run, making it an attractive property in the market.

Choosing the right company

With a range of benefits stemming from maintained and well-designed commercial landscapes, working with a professional landscaping company is crucial in ensuring that your property is able to take advantage of all benefits obtainable. But how do you choose the right commercial landscaping company? We’ve got you covered with a few things to look out for in the ‘right’ company.

Experience: having years of experience in commercial landscaping across different property types.

● Well-equipped: having all the necessary tools and equipment needed to perform commercial landscaping services.

● Outstanding communication: ensuring to keep you up to date with designs, plans and installations.

● Keeping up to date with trends: ensures your landscape incorporates the latest trends to stand out and attract customers.

If you’re looking to enhance and uplift your commercial landscaping, the Civil and Scape team can help you. With years of industry experience, we can transform your commercial building’s landscape, making it more appealing and enticing.

Want to uplift and maintain your commercial landscape? Get in touch with us today at 1300 457 457.

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