Types of Landscaping Services

10 Oct 2022

Hiring a professional landscaping company is crucial for those who hold high regard for the appearance and functionality of their landscapes – whether it be for the aesthetic of a business or for personal preference. A company with an extensive understanding of the various types of services available in the landscaping industry is always a good sign, especially a company that provides these varying services to customers.

What services do landscaping companies offer?

Different types of landscaping services are available based on the preferences and requirements of clients and their spaces. As a professional and qualified company, Civil and Scape offer an extensive range of landscaping services, catered to meet the needs of clients as well as attract the attention of those looking to uplift their landscapes.

Commercial landscaping construction is constantly evolving. It is essential for companies to constantly be on the lookout for newly introduced concepts and trends; doing so will ensure that the services offered are enticing and a point of difference for customers and contractors looking to hire a commercial landscaping services. Nowadays, customers are looking to enhance their spaces by adding sophistication, professionalism and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it is crucial that as a landscaping company, Civil and Scape is well equipped with a range of services to fulfil these requirements.

Types of landscaping services

Commercial landscaping contractors that provide landscaping services can assist with a broad range of landscape installation and maintenance tasks. Below is a list of services provided by landscaping companies.

Landscape installation

Many people often require a professional team to help create and design a landscape space that is unique and sophisticated. A landscaping company will design and put together your space; whether it is installing a new flower bed, selecting what plants would be best suitable in the specific area or creating a functional space which for your commercial or residential space, Civil and Scape can help.

Landscapes often involve the installation of hardscapes such as paths, steps, driveways, etc all of which provide added elements of functionality and aesthetics.

Landscape irrigation is a watering system used to help maintain landscapes by ensuring that water is constantly dispersed throughout the lawn or garden. Setting up a system as such is not an easy task and often requires the help of a professional and well-experienced team. Landscapers are able to design, install and upkeep irrigation systems as well as put together an eco-friendly rainwater harvesting approach.

Installation of water features:

Water features such as fountains, ponds, waterfalls, etc., are a very common addition in landscape designs, providing additional elements of aesthetic appeal within a space. The installation of such features requires the help of a professional and capable landscaping company.

Maintenance tasks
After designing and installing certain features in your landscapes, it is important to ensure that your space is constantly being tended to. Many individuals either don’t have the time or are unsure of how to maintain their spaces, leaving their landscapes looking untidy or in need of serious maintenance. Luckily, maintenance is a service offered by various companies, such as Civil and Scape.

Plant and tree planting:
Landscaping companies can assist in planting larger items such as trees and shrubs. They are also equipped to know what sort of plants, trees and shrubs would be suitable for the particular landscape being serviced. Not only that, but they can also help keep your trees and plants tidy, ensuring your landscape constantly looks neat and maintained.

Lawn mowing and trimming:
By upkeeping frequent lawn mowing and trimming, your landscape will retain a tidy and appealing appearance. Helping sharpen edges, keeping the grass short and cleaning up after the job regularly helps improve and enhance the appearance of your property, whether it be in a commercial or residential setting.

Seasonal display:
This process includes the planting and maintenance of annual flowers that are prominent depending on the seasons of spring, summer and autumn. This service focuses mainly on the appearance of landscapes, adding elements of impact to the space while creating enthusiasm for the approaching seasons.

Gardening and weed control:
These services involve the regular activities associated with gardening such as weeding, raking, hoeing, removing dead plants and weeds, watering, feeding and more. Although this can be done by oneself, hiring a landscaper to do such tasks ensures a hassle-free and easier alternative to maintaining your landscapes.

As a commercial or residential property owner, ensuring your landscape is well-designed and maintained is important in the long run. Not only does it ensure your space is in a constant state of neatness and cleanliness but also increases the level of attraction and attention to your property.

The team at Civil and Scape are qualified landscaping experts providing a range of services to help maintain, improve and enhance your landscapes. Offering an extensive range of services in civil construction, landscaping and maintenance, Civil and Scape can assist in transforming your properties.

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