What can a landscaping company do for your Sydney business during winter

16 Feb 2021

Though winter in Sydney is not as severe as other parts of Australia or the world, it still impacts our lives and the environment. For your business, you may notice that its surroundings become a little drier, browner and less lively. Though you may not perceive this as a huge deal, the reality is that your landscape could be impacting your company image and sales. In previous articles, we have spoken at length about the positive impacts that a landscaping company and a well-curated landscape can have on a business—these effects do not stop just because it is winter. Passers-by, clients, customers and employees will still see your business and create their own idea or perception about you and your company.

You may be tempted to maintain your own landscape or hire helpers who are not professionally trained to design and maintain your landscape, however, without the appropriate expertise, your business will fail to achieve the desired impact. Especially during winter, we recommend that you hire a landscaping company to maintain and curate your landscape. You’ll find that your business will stand out, look more professional and benefit from a positive environment and perspective. If you are curious about what a landscaping company can specifically do for your business’ environment during winter, here are some of our recommended services.

Seasonal curation of flowers

There’s nothing worse than a colour-less, dried-up bed of flowers. Unsurprisingly, not every single flower will bloom during winter. There are specific species of flowers that bloom during summer, spring and autumn and winter. Some of the flowers that your landscaper may suggest for winter are jasmine, daylilies, zinnias and wallflowers. To prevent a colourless spell, request that your landscaper seasonally curate your flowers. Your Civil and Scape landscaper will know the seasonalities of different flowers and will be able to determine which will work best for your business depending on environmental conditions, soil quality and your overall needs. Regardless of what is decided between your landscaper and you, your business will have a beautiful bed of colourful and blooming flowers to welcome your customers, clients and employees.

Evergreen trees

In addition to flowers, you can also talk to your landscaper about evergreen trees. Evergreen trees retain their leaves and vitality all year long, providing shade in the summer months and healthy, green foliage during winter. Planting evergreen trees don’t only add to the lush and vibrant greenery around your business but, it also reduces the number of fallen leaves during autumn and winter. Some evergreen trees that you can incorporate into your environment are Native Frangipani, Meyer lemon, Navel orange and Tuckeroo.

Lawn maintenance

Autumns and winter usually mean unwanted debris, fallen leaves and dried branches which can easily cause a drab and unimpressive landscape. Debris on the lawn can also prevent healthy drainage of the soil, and encourage moss and fungal disease. Even if you are not interested in the aesthetics of a neatly manicured lawn, it is important that you understand that lawn maintenance keeps your grass healthy and disease-free during winter. It also helps your grass to grow back healthily during spring and summer.

Fertilise and mulch

Plants are not the only aspects of your garden that are affected during winter. Soil also suffers and must be fertilised. Proper fertilisation of soil helps to provide the necessary nutrients to plants in order for them to stay healthy during low temperatures.

A blanket of mulch adds extra protection to garden beds against weather elements. Your landscaper will provide either animal manure, compost or wood chips to protect your plant beds. The addition of mulch in your flower bed also helps in creating a more uniformed look for your garden.

Are you in search of a landscaping company for your commercial property? At Civil and Scape, our team goes beyond the requirements of a landscaping company as we guide and advise you on the best services and budget-friendly solutions for your property during winter. We provide all of the services mentioned above and more.

If you’d also like landscaping and concrete work for any commercial or civil project, then our team of experts can guide you through the steps of making your dream come alive.

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