Turf landscaping

Why investing in turf landscaping is a smart business decision

17 Sep 2020

When you invest in your business’s appearance, you invest in your employees, yourself and your company. We always recommend the business owner’s landscape according to what their business and its environment’s needs are. Many times businesses can benefit from a complete refresh of all of their appearance’s elements, while other times, just one major change is needed to overhaul their image. When the latter is the case, it is often a business turf that needs revamping. Turf landscaping can dramatically alter a business’ appearance into a more refined, polished and professional appearance.

What is turf landscaping?

Many people are not familiar with the term ‘turf landscaping’. Turf landscaping simply refers to the improvement or design of one’s lawn. This can be through the addition of decorative elements, laying a new turf of grass or lawn maintenance. 

Turf landscaping is becoming increasingly popular for commercial properties. Wondering why? It’s because it’s a smart business decision, here’s why.

Why investing in turf landscaping is a smart business decision

Instantly polished appearance and curb appeal

There’s little that’s more impressive than a striking span of turfgrass. More than trees, shrubs or flowers, turf landscaping can instantly update your building’s curb appeal. It’s an inviting setting for both clients and employees and serves as a blank slate for more impressive landscaping designs or decorative elements. Without further additions, however, turfgrass is still impressive on its own, making the bare minimum of turf landscaping a cost-effective method of updating a business’ curb appeal.

Energy conservation for your business

Through a process called evapotranspiration, turf grasses can absorb solar radiation or what most people know as sunlight. This usually gives off heat, however, with the absorption by the turfgrass, there is less heat in the environment. This reduces the need for air conditioning and overall, reduces a business’ energy bill.

Urban heating, which is caused by concrete buildings and pavements, creates heat in the atmosphere and a building’s environment. However, because turfgrass is an evaporative cooler, surroundings in commercial property will be cooler. This does not just reduce the need for air conditioning within a building, but it also makes the environment more comfortable. 

Increased commercial property value

Turf landscaping is a major feature for a commercial property. It can greatly increase the rental or selling value of commercial property as it is highly valued by tenants and potential owners. People interested in commercial properties understand the value of turf landscaping and also end up viewing the property as a more attractive and enjoyable space for themselves, clients, customers and employees.

Noise and glare reduction

When compared with concrete, bare ground, the pavement or another hard surface, turfgrass is more effective at absorbing sounds than other businesses. This is an excellent feature for businesses near busy streets that require quiet spaces such as yoga studios, doctors offices or law firms. 

Additionally, turf landscaping includes the planting and maintenance of grass as well as trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs are effective at blocking sunlight from peaking at offices and causing uncomfortable work environments (e.g. sunlight glares often hit computer screens and obscure employees’ visions).

Environmental – erosion control, air purification

Healthy turfgrass absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with oxygen. It also transpires water into the air, increasing humidity and decreasing pollutants. This enables your business to have healthier air quality, an especially important factor for businesses or commercial properties based in urban areas. The grass is also effective at controlling stormwater runoff by allowing the water to soak into the soil slowly, reducing the chance of flooding on your premises.

Which type of turf is right for my business?

There are many different varieties of turfgrass available for businesses including:

  • Buffalo grass
    • Produces a lush lawn and is one of the most popular in Australia
  • Zoysia grass
    • This turfgrass is soft and low-irritating, making it perfect for businesses that use their turf for entertaining clients, customers and employees
  • Queensland Blue Couch
    • Thrives in humidity and stays green for the majority of the year
  • Couch grass 
    • Easy to maintain and cost-effective option
  • Kikuyu grass
    • Grows quickly but perfect for high wear and tear

Are you in need of turf landscaping for your business? At Civil and Scape, we have a deep understanding of the latest turf landscaping trends. Our team is trained in advising business owners on what will work best for their company.  We provide proactive and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome. 

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