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Why should your business hire a landscape construction company in Sydney?

18 Nov 2020

Landscape construction is one of the key elements of landscaping and makes many important and functional features possible. Landscape construction includes designing, laying pavers, building retaining walls, constructing irrigation and drainage systems and paving driveways and other areas. At Civil and Scape, our landscaping construction services are important for many of Sydney’s businesses. However, some businesses attempt landscaping on their own, while others never bother to invest in our services.

A business’ landscape is one of the most important elements of its physical property. The landscape is one of the first things noticed by customers, clients and employees and goes a long way in attracting people to your business. Even if your company is business to business (B2B) and does not require its physical property to be attractive to customers, having a polished and refined landscape presents a professional appearance for clients, visitors and employees.

Despite the possibilities and advantages of landscaping construction, many companies are still on the fence about whether or not they should dedicate a portion of their budget towards hiring a construction company. In this article, we’ll outline the reasons why your business should hire a landscaping construction company in Sydney.

4 reasons why your company should hire a landscaping construction company in Sydney

1 Ensure your business stands out at night

Many businesses suffer from going unnoticed at night. This can be from a combination of factors including overgrown bushes, and dim or non-existent lighting. A landscaping construction company can help to mitigate these factors by ensuring that your company’s physical property is well-lit at night, allowing potential customers and clients to notice your building. A landscaping construction company upon inspecting your site will advise you on the best places to install lights on your landscape and what types of lights are suited to your landscape and company. For example, for a company that prides itself on sustainability, Civil and Scape may suggest solar lights to keep your energy star rating high. This indicates that as a business, you take pride in your physical appearance and are willing to inject money into the comfort and appearance of your landscape.

2 Avoid common mistakes and optimise your landscape functionality

This is especially important if your business attempts its landscaping construction services or outsources from different parties. Every business’ landscape is different and will have various needs. A landscape construction company can offer specialised advice that takes the qualities of your landscape, your business’ needs and your local weather conditions. This avoids common mistakes that companies or labourers may make because of the lack of specialised advice. Additionally, many times a landscape’s functionality and potential are not maximised. A landscape construction company will be able to advise you on adjustments that you can make to the landscape to improve your space, accessibility and comfort.

3 Benefit from  local climate advice

Even though Australia is known for its beautiful warm and sunny weather, it is also prone to rainy days and high winds. Specialised advice from a landscape construction company is needed to understand how to design one’s landscape and what facilities need to be installed. For example, stormwater management, while a council requirement, is pertinent for ensuring that water is drained properly from your business’ property during heavy rainfall. A landscaping construction company will know what system works best with your business’ physical layout and needs.

4 Take advantage of other services

Civil and Scape does not just offer landscaping construction services, we also offer soft scape services such as the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers, maintenance programmes, turf laying and seasonal curation of flowers. While not important for functionality, it plays a major role in the beauty of your business’ physical property and is key in maintaining a polished and attractive landscape throughout the year.

5 Create a more comfortable environment for your company

Great businesses understand the importance of creating a comfortable working environment for employees. Part of one’s working environment extends to the exterior of a business’s physical property. A landscape with street furniture such as tables and chairs for employees to congregate and have lunch and water features for a serene atmosphere help to create a positive environment. A landscaping construction company can advise on these additions, guide you on where best to locate them and install it.

Civil and Scape’s landscaping construction team is trained in advising business owners on what will work best for their company and goals.  We provide proactive and sustainable solutions, ensuring to deliver a successful outcome.

Work with our team today for a seamless experience and perfect execution. Browse through our gallery to view our past projects.

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