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Why timber decking might be the new addition for your Sydney business

29 Sep 2020

Even though we are only just coming out of winter, it’s never too early to start thinking about warm weather. One of the best things about Sydney is the abundance of beautiful, sunny days we have throughout the year. What’s the best way to enjoy those days? On a timber deck! If you’re a business in search of a brand new idea to revamp your company, then a timber deck might just be the new addition for you. Of course, timber decks are not for every business, however, if you are one of the few who can lure customers in with the promise of sunny recreation, then why not take advantage of it?

What businesses can benefit from timber decking? 

Like we mentioned earlier, not every business can make use of a timber deck. The only way that this addition will be valuable to your business is if it makes sense financially (can you afford it?) or if it suits the nature of your business. So, just what kind of business do we recommend a timber deck for?

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels 
  • Event venues
  • Bars 

How can timber decking help your business?

In these types of businesses, there are specific benefits that can be gained from adding a timber deck.

Attract customers

A timber deck is an attractive feature for customers in the businesses mentioned above. The clients who frequent these businesses will appreciate a timber deck and view it as an added value feature. This will enable a business to attract more customers who may be immediately intrigued by the timber. This can serve as a competitive advantage as restaurants, hotels, event venues and bars are oversaturated business sectors.

Add value

A timber deck adds value in a few different ways for businesses. First, it adds selling value if a property owner wishes to sell their commercial building. Second, it adds rental value, allowing property owners to charge a higher rental value. Third, in some cases, it may allow businesses to charge a higher price for their products or services. This option is more applicable to venues who use timber decks as value-added features and subsequently charge a high rental fee.

Accommodate more clients

A timber deck allows more customers to access a venue, restaurant or bar at one given time. This allows businesses to serve more customers at one time, allowing them to make more money. For venues, a timber deck accommodates more guests and allows companies to charge a higher price for the accommodation of more people.

Strength and durability 

Timber decks are extremely strong and durable. This does not only give you peace of mind in its structural integrity, but also your investment. The durability of timber decks means that for years to come, you can be confident in the appearance and strength of your deck, even when hosting people or moving around furniture.

Ease of maintenance

Timber decking does not require much cleaning effort, and because of its durability, looks great for many years.  Wood requires very little maintenance, meaning very little of your time is devoted to this valuable addition. Businesses don’t want to add features that take up time or cost more money in the long run, making timber decking a great option. We recommend polishing the frame a few times a year, however, do this with your discretion and according to how much you use your deck.

Are you in need of timber decking for your business? At Civil and Scape, we can construct a timber deck for your business, ensuring that it is in line with the latest trends and your business’ needs. Our team is trained in advising business owners on what will work best for their company.

We provide high-quality landscaping constructions, ensuring to deliver a project that exceeds your expectations.

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