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How to identify when your business needs professional landscaping services

27 Nov 2020

Professional landscaping services ensure that your business’ landscape potential is maximised to meet comfort, attractiveness and functionality. However, many businesses in Sydney have a hard time deciding whether or not they should dedicate a portion of their budget to landscaping services. At Civil and Scape, we fully recommend the services of a landscaping company, however, we understand that some businesses cannot afford to, especially in this climate. For this reason, we’ve come up with several questions to ask yourself about your business. These questions will indicate whether or not your business can benefit from landscaping services.

Why are landscaping services important for your company?

Many business owners are doubtful about the impact or importance of landscaping services. This is one of the reasons that they are hesitant to invest in landscaping services. Before we dive into the rest of our article, we’ll first outline why landscaping services are effective for a business. 

  • Develop a landscape that is attractive to customers and clients.
  • Create a positive working environment for employees.
  • Advertise commitment to sustainability.
  • Install features that improve the accessibility and functionality of the business’ landscape.

While these are not all of the benefits of landscaping services, it is clear that landscaping services can provide businesses with numerous advantages.

4 questions to help you determine if your business needs a landscaping service company

Does my business stand out during the night?

During the night is when many customers take notice of businesses. Unfortunately, many companies fail to capitalise on this and neglect their business’  nighttime appearance. During the night, assess whether your business stands out or not. Is it adequately illuminated? Does the beauty of your landscape shine during the night? If your answer is no, then it is most likely that you need the services of a landscaping company. Civil and Scape can install landscape lighting that does not only illuminate your business during the night, but that also adds warmth and beauty to the entirety of your landscape.

Are my employees and customers comfortable at my company?

The comfort of your employees and customers is one of the most important things of a positive business environment. If your employees cannot enjoy nor feel relaxed in your business’ exterior environment, then this can lead to unhappiness and reduced motivation at work. Similarly, an uncomfortable business environment does not encourage customers or clients to stay a long time and can deter them from visiting your business. A landscape that’s comfortable for both employees and customers will be lush, inviting and have comfortable seating arrangements and water features. A landscaping company can help to tailor your landscape to your company’s needs, ensuring that clients, customers and employees are comfortable and encouraged to stay in your business.

How does my current landscape appear?

While this is one of the most basic questions to ask yourself, it is also the most important. The appearance of your landscape is what dictates to customers, employees and clients how much you care about your company’s physical property. It sends a message about your brand personality, the employees who work there and how successful the business is. If your company’s landscape is overgrown, poorly maintained and lacking in vibrance, then it is most likely sending the wrong message about your business. A landscaping company can offer maintenance, seasonal curation of flowers and turf laying to inject life and vibrance back into your company’s landscape.

Does my landscape reflect my business’ identity?

Every company has a brand identity. This identity should be reflected in their employees, products, website and landscape. When your business’ identity is reflected in your landscape, visitors immediately get a sense of what your business is about. If your company’s identity is not reflected in your landscape, then you are doing a disservice to your business. A business that prides itself on sustainability should have a lush green garden and a landscape filled with native flowers and trees. Additionally, a yoga studio can use its landscape to support its business by having a landscaping company install water features to create a calm environment. Whatever your business identity is, a landscaping company can advise you what you can do to better reflect your business’ purpose, function and personality into your landscape.

Every member of our landscaping company is trained to advise business owners on what will work best for their company and goals. We provide proactive and sustainable solutions in line with a business’ identity and needs.

Work with our team today for a seamless experience and perfect execution. Browse through our gallery to view our past projects.

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