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The Environmental Impact of Civil Construction Contractors in Sydney

24 Jan 2024

As urbanisation continues to reshape the global landscape, cities face the pressing need to balance rapid development with environmental preservation. Sydney, a thriving metropolis known for its iconic landmarks and vibrant culture, is no exception. In recent years, the city has embraced sustainable construction practices to mitigate its environmental impact while promoting urban growth.

“Green construction” is a term that has been coined recently which describes a sustainable way of building and developing with the main goals to “maximise occupant health and productivity, use fewer resources, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, and decrease life cycle costs.” The building industry has massive potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to many other sectors which contribute to emissions such as the transportation industry.

Our team, at Civil and Scape, is actively integrating green infrastructure into their designs to counterbalance the urban sprawl. By incorporating green spaces, parks, and rooftop gardens, Sydney is fostering biodiversity, improving air quality, and mitigating the urban heat island effect. Additionally, sustainable transport systems, such as cycling networks and public transportation, are being prioritised to reduce congestion and promote eco-friendly commuting options.

Sustainable Design and Architecture

Sydney’s construction contractors have witnessed a significant shift towards sustainable design and architecture. Developers are adopting green building principles, such as energy-efficient designs, the use of renewable materials, and the incorporation of natural lighting and ventilation. These practices not only reduce energy consumption but also enhance the overall comfort and well-being of residents.

Sydney’s commitment to balancing environmental impact and urban development sets a commendable example for other cities facing similar challenges. By embracing sustainable construction practices, the city is forging a path towards a greener, more resilient future. Through the integration of sustainable design, green infrastructure, renewable energy, waste management, and community engagement, construction contractors are creating a model for harmonious urban growth that respects and preserves its unique natural environment. As the city continues to evolve, we, at Civil and Scape, find the pursuit of sustainability at the forefront, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable Sydney for generations to come.

How does civil construction impact the environment?

With the construction sector experiencing a resurgence in growth, it’s bound to have a detrimental impact on the environment. Products used during a particular civil construction job can also have an impact on the surrounding environment, due to the “extraction of raw materials”.

  • Erosion and sediment controls: according to the regulations, civil construction contractors in Sydney should design, install and maintain erosion controls to minimise the discharge of pollutants. These controls should include mechanisms to curtail storm water controls and by minimising the amount of soil exposed during construction activity.
  • Soil stabilisation: this is a significant component of the construction process and must be initiated immediately whenever excavation work is on site. The rules indicate that the stabilisation process must be “completed” within a time period applicable to local construction rules and regulations. However, the process may not be required depending on the structure of your construction project.

The positive impact of green construction

Over the course of the last centuries, civil construction has gone through massive changes. From the start of the industrial revolution in 1760, there have been rapid developments in construction, industry, warfare, culture, science, and innovation to name a few. New construction materials and mass production of products centred on convenience have made life increasingly easy, however, until recently humans have only begun to understand the environmental impact of these techniques and how they damage the planet.

The process uses environmentally friendly materials during the construction process that can save 250 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Green building continues to double every three years, with 60% of civil construction projects expected to be green by 2023. Civil construction contractors in Sydney are being asked to build projects that are both sustainable and energy efficient. This pivot towards green building projects has led to a number of initiatives aimed at improving construction’s impact on the environment.

The future of civil construction in Sydney must balance the need for infrastructure development with the protection of the environment. This requires a collaborative effort from not just us, but all construction companies, councils, communities, and individuals. By adopting sustainable practices, implementing effective regulations, and promoting community engagement, Sydney can achieve its infrastructure goals while minimising its environmental footprint. Contact us to know more.

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