Commercial Ground Maintenance

The Importance of Commercial Ground Maintenance

27 Dec 2023

Civil and Scape is Australia’s leading sustainable ground maintenance service provider and the team proudly provides a complete ground maintenance service for private, commercial and public sector clients that keeps their green spaces neat, attractive and healthy. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution rarely works; instead of this approach, we will listen to your requirements and assemble a bespoke ground maintenance package designed to meet your requirements.

This can include everything from grass cutting and hedge trimming to shrub pruning and the maintenance of inspirational bedding displays. Our people are carefully selected and trained specifically to work in green environments, so you can be confident our team will achieve the best results for your project.

What’s Commercial Grounds Maintenance?

It’s all about keeping private, commercial, public, and business spaces looking ripper – healthy, tidy, safe, and clean for the local community. It could be as simple as mowing lawns, mulching, clearing leaves, diving into the nitty-gritty, planting trees, setting up hardscapes, and putting in flowers.

Our landscaping projects help you attract more visitors and keep your tenants grinning.

At Civil and Scape, our professional landscaping team performs commercial landscape services to ensure commercial properties will look their best by:

  1. Setting up hardscapes
  2. Putting in landscape lights
  3. Adding water features
  4. Sorting drainage
  5. Laying down and fixing turf
  6. Planting shrubs and trees
  7. Keeping up with lawn maintenance for businesses
  8. Mowing and trimming turf
  9. Fertilising and getting rid of pesky weeds
  10. Adding flowers
  11. Maintaining irrigation systems

Our landscaping services help you and your business attract more visitors and keep tenants happier.

  1. Chucking worry out the window
  2. Freeing you up to focus on your mob, bosses, or customers
  3. Having peace of mind that all your spots are getting fair treatment
  4. Having a ripper-looking place without breaking a sweat
  5. Bumping up that property value

Keeping your property beautiful all year is a marathon, not a sprint. A commitment to consistent lawn care in all seasons leads to excellent curb appeal, higher property values, reduced liability, and better customer experiences. Studies show that employees, tenants, and customers believe a well-cared-for property is more professional.

We understand the balance of property goals and budgets! That’s precisely why we offer a complete range of landscaping services and create custom, multi-year landscape plans to fit your budget and property goals.

For any commercial grounds maintenance service needs, you can trust our team of experts to work with you and your budget. We provide quality customer service and a wide array of services tailored specifically for business owners and property managers who want their spaces maintained beautifully without emptying the bank account. From lawn care to landscape design, we do it all! Don’t forget to contact us to know more.

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