Commercial Concrete Work

Why your business should consider commercial concrete work in the new year

27 Jan 2021

Commercial concrete work is one of the most diverse and impactful areas of construction. It has the ability to completely transform your business’s appearance, improve its structural integrity and overall, make the building a more valuable asset for a company. However, many businesses do not recognise the benefits of commercial concrete work and prefer to invest in other areas that may not be as beneficial. Part of the reason for this comes from the fact that many business owners do not know how expansive the possibilities of commercial concrete work are or what the benefits are for a business.

What is commercial concrete work?

Commercial concrete work is most familiar to those in the landscaping and construction sector. If you aren’t involved in construction, it’s unlikely that you’ll know what concrete work entails, especially for commercial properties. Because general awareness and knowledge of commercial concrete work are low, let’s first explore what it is and what services fall under this area before we dive into why businesses should engage these services.

Commercial concrete work is any form of concrete construction that occurs on a commercial building or for a business. In most cases concrete work is usually used as a functional element or foundation however, it can be used aesthetically. Concrete is a naturally strong and durable material and is often used because of its resistance against weather and insects and its compressional strength.

Why you should consider concrete work for your commercial building in 2021

Improve your building’s structural integrity

Concrete’s durability and strength make it one of the best materials to serve as a foundation or reinforcing element for your building. When commercial buildings extend or add to their structure, strengthening elements are needed to ensure that it can be supported. Steel fixing is done at the initial stage of the construction of an addition or extension. It involves positioning and securing steel bars which reinforce the concrete and provide more support. If you plan on extending your business’ physical structure, bear in mind that you may require steel fixing. 

Formwork for columns is also part of concrete work that improves structural integrity. Formwork is a mould into which concrete is poured to create a column. While it is mostly used as a functional element, it can also be used decoratively simultaneously.

Add an industrial, but refined aesthetic element

The decorative quality of concrete is often under-utilised with businesses, however, it can be an impactful element for your property. Concrete walls, columns and kerbing provide an industrial aesthetic, especially when used in an unrefined state. Kerbing is one of the most professional ways to partition your landscape and separate a pavement from the road. 

In addition to providing structural integrity and support, concrete columns can be designed to suit whatever aesthetic suits your commercial property. For example, they can be designed with intricate details on the top and bottom of the column with linear grooving on the body of the column.

Protect your building and employees

Protection of your commercial building is something that you should always invest in. Concrete work can provide you with a retaining wall which protects your building from grade sloping and future drainage problems which can be caused by gravity and weather. Both can cause structural damage which then turns into a financial burden for you. Concrete also has low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity, making it naturally resistant to temperature rise from fire exposure. This does not just protect the building and its contents, but also your employees from the potential hazards associated with a fire.

Improve your landscape

Concrete pathways, concrete foundation and concrete kerbs are all elements that contribute to a refined commercial landscape. While it’s quite clear why a concrete pathway and kerb will improve the appearance of a landscape, a concrete foundation may seem perplexing. A concrete foundation or slab is one of the most integral elements of a pergola or outdoor seating. Pergolas and outdoor seating are also excellent for creating open and inviting spaces for customers. 

Concrete work is very clearly one of the smartest services that you can invest in for your commercial property in the new year. With concrete work, you have several possibilities for your property as well as a number of advantages because of concrete’s durable and robust qualities. For 2021, make your building and landscape stronger, more durable and more impressive with Civil and Scape’s concrete work services.

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