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4 signs your business’ landscape in Sydney is in need of maintenance this winter

14 May 2021

Winter can be rough on landscapes, especially if they’re not prepared for low temperatures, falling leaves and torrential downpour. In Sydney, we’re lucky that winter is not as harsh as it is in other climates. In fact, we experience what many other countries would class as typical weather during their autumn. Despite this, it does not mean that we can completely neglect our landscapes during this time. If you do, your business will be in for some unsavoury effects.

Businesses in Sydney have many costs – rent, labour and overheads are just some of the expenses that they can incur. Because of this, businesses understandably cut costs where possible. During winter, landscaping maintenance is one of the first expenses to be slashed, as many business owners view it as an unnecessary cost during that time. In this article, we’ll discuss why this is a bad idea, and what can potentially happen if you cut or refuse to invest in landscaping during winter.

Why should your business invest in landscaping services during winter?

Many business owners need to be convinced to invest in landscaping services during the winter months in Sydney. The investment seems futile because of the gloomy weather, however, as you’ll see in the reasons outlined below, maintaining your commercial landscape is valuable in more ways than one.

Here are a few reasons why investing in landscaping services during winter is a smart business decision:

  • It reduces costs of spring and summer landscape services as the property is consistently maintained.
  • Your business’ physical appearance remains attractive during gloomy months, maintaining your reputation and attractiveness to potential customers.
  • It helps to improve your employees’ productivity levels as a welcoming outdoor space contributes to their wellbeing and happiness at the company.

These are just a few advantages of maintaining your commercial landscape throughout the winter months. However, if you’re still unsure whether this investment is worth it for your business, we’ve outlined a few signs that will point you in the right direction.

4 signs that you should invest in landscaping services during winter

Plants and trees are overcrowded

Many people don’t realise that plants and trees continue to grow during winter, and without proper maintenance, they can become overcrowded. For a commercial landscape, overcrowding of plants and trees don’t have the rustic charm it does in natural forests. Instead, overcrowding can look disorganised and poorly maintained and overall, cheapen the appearance of your commercial property.

Your competitors and neighbouring companies are well-maintained

Some commercial properties try to hide amongst other poorly maintained commercial landscapes. While we never recommend this strategy (a poorly maintained area is also difficult to find in Sydney), it can work because the severity of your landscape will not be as apparent. However, if you are located in an area that contains well-manicured commercial landscapes, especially if some of those businesses are your competitors, then you should consider investing in landscaping services.

Investing in landscaping services will allow you to maintain your business’ physical marketing advantages and communicate to clients and potential customers that you are a successful business. It will also avoid your business’ appearance from appearing much worse when compared to neighbouring businesses.

Your lawn is waterlogged

In Sydney, autumn and winter months contain breezy days, low temperatures and a lot of rain. While some rain is beneficial, too much can cause waterlogged lawns. You most likely have a waterlogged lawn if you notice that rainwater is sitting on the surface of the lawn and not draining through the soil. 

To fix this issue, a member of our landscaping team will have to aerate your lawn to promote proper drainage. Depending on the severity of your issue and your space, installation of a drain or repair of your drainage system may be needed, however, only a professional would be able to diagnose and solve your issue.

The property is filled with debris

As mentioned previously, winters in Sydney can be incredibly windy. What does this do to your landscape? On good days, it will blow dried leaves, twigs and loose dirt all over your property. On a terrible day, it can cause branches to break and trees to fall, causing a potential hazard for workers at your business. 

This can happen throughout winter. When debris piles up, it doesn’t only cause flooding issues on your property, but it also degrades the appearance of your property. Landscaping maintenance services will regularly ensure that all leaves and twigs are rakes and other debris removed.

We hope that we’ve convinced you of the value of commercial landscaping services during winter. If you’re interested in seeing some of our work, browse through our gallery to view our past projects.

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